‘Stop government’s revolving door’

Stop the Revolving Door

Not only does constant replacement of PM destabilise the whole economy, but the uncertainty it creates permeates right through the whole population. It is most apparent from everyday conversations with neighbours, friends and colleagues that everyone is over it!

For me when I saw an interview last night (August 23) on the 7:30 Report depicting a young Liberal MP who said that the opposition (Labor) was their “enemy”! I almost fell out of my chair. Every Member of Parliament (MP) has been elected by their electorate to represent them and therefore, this MP was openly admitting he despised their choice.

I am totally bewildered about how unfit some people are to represent this country. For him to berate anyone who opposes his views is churlish and lacks respect. I am totally lost as to why we don’t teach the word and the meaning of RESPECT in our schools these days, so that we can understand that other people have their democratic right to have their say? Why does the parliament set such a bad example to tomorrow’s electors? Why can’t they realise their main job is to create ongoing fair legislation by individually representing the views of their constituents?

Pretty easy really, but these blokes just don’t get it! I say, we should stop this internal bickering we have seen for a decade now, by voting in members who have the right credentials: that is, they above all else, truly want good outcomes for their electorate!

Brian Gaull,

Victor Harbor

Important public meeting

Eight years ago CDAP refused an application for a house because it was prohibited inside the Inman River floodplain. Earlier, planning staff had assessed the location as outside the floodplain. Both parties claim they had used a map figure 4. 

I began my own investigation and soon came up with Andrew’s and Associates surveyors map 999 254, which showed a clear and precise floodplain calculated by Tonkin Consulting hydrologists. I took both maps to an independent surveyor who told me 999 254 should be used for assessment because figure 4 is nothing but a concept approximate map. Victor Harbor Times journalist took a photograph of myself holding the map near the Inman River.

The concept approximate figure 4 and true floodplain surveyor’s map 999 254 are the keys to the Inman River Floodplain issue which has caused countless codes of conduct and cost well over half a million dollars. Enter A new CEO and $20,000 has been allocated for investigation into this divisive expensive issue. An independent Planning Consultants draft report will be presented this coming Monday at 5pm. I urge any ratepayers interested in where their dollar goes to come along and get a good insight at this public meeting.

Ben Blatchford,

Lower Inman Valley


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