Horoscopes: week beginning September 2

Horoscopes: week beginning September 2

ARIES: Substantially favourable trends foster the development of your career potential during September 6-18, being but the last of a three-step process. You’ll be seeking power and finding it and will be making some important changes along the way. It’s likely these changes will be quite drastic as you find yourself heading in a new direction.

TAURUS: There’s power in knowledge and Taurean natives will be seeking to tap this potential during September 6-18, as you did last January and April. Educational courses, travel and legal interests potentially form part of your agenda for change, and you can expect to be successful in your endeavours. September 11-13, 16-17 trigger action.

GEMINI: During September 6-18 you’ll be seeking to make changes and exercise power over a financial situation involving credit, taxation, insurance, superannuation, inheritance, compensation or joint financial interest. Issues are not resolved immediately but will be successful, with the best influences operating on September 11-13, 16-17.

CANCER: The twelve days from September 6 accentuate partnership change in Cancerian lives, requiring the restructuring of a love relationship or business partnership. The time is right to do so, with September 11-13, 16-17 favourably highlighting potential. Don’t be in a rush and manage the situation appropriately: there will be further trends to assist.

LEO: Things are changing where you work during September 6-18, whether there is a restructure in the organisation or your position changes. You’ll find yourself in a position of more power and relishing the situation, for it brings fantastic opportunities for success. Make the most of September 11-13, 16-17, which bring the best out of a situation.

VIRGO: A child or romance may be at the centre of changes in Virgoan lives during September 6-18, as it was last January and April, with this final phase being activated on September 11-13, 16-17. These changes encompass variations to routines but will be well worth the effort; for you, your family and children will benefit. Your planning and implementation are impeccable.

LIBRA: The essential changes that are occurring within your domestic sphere can be managed effectively during September 6-18, as you did previously in January and April, enabling you to renovate, relocate, buy and sell. There’s money available at your disposal, making the transition easier, with September 11-13, 16-17 highlighting this potential. There’s much of which to dispose but don’t go overboard.

SCORPIO: If you need to initiate or implement plans, then you couldn’t ask for a better time than September 6-18 to do so, for your mind is keen and you are fully aware of everything going on around you. This is the last of three stages, which may also see the overhauling or replacement of a vehicle, or the restructuring of your routine activities.

SAGITTARIUS: Feelings of financial insecurity prompt you to rearrange your finances during September 6-18, as you did last January and April, perhaps as you seek a better- paying job or derive income from a property. You are well-positioned to secure the situation, as the stellar trends indicate that you are in control; with September 11-13, 16-17 activating these developments.

CAPRICORN: Transformations of an extensive nature are shaping your life, living conditions and personality during September 6-18. You are taking charge of these events, using planning skills to direct energies and accomplish goals, with September 11-13, 16-17 activating these trends. You will succeed, but this is a big task: things have been developing gradually throughout the year.

AQUARIUS: There’s a pressing need to alter your career path during September 6-18, with trends activated on September 11-13, 16-17; whether you are now working alone or working in a completely different environment. It takes time to adjust and settle into the new conditions, as you build on the developments from last January and April.

PISCES: You will be seeking to travel, improve your qualifications or to have the law on your side over an important matter during September 6-18, furthering those steps you took last January and April. A steely determination and fortunate timing ensure that Piscean goals will be accomplished, with September 11-13, 16-17 ensuring action in this regard: there’s no stopping you.

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