Port Elliot local sets Guinness World Record

Local inventor’s Guinness World Record

Records are set and broken constantly, while some records only beat their original by a small margin, Dr Thomas Tilley has set a Guinness World Record 17x larger than the original.

Inventor and Port Elliot local Dr Tilley has created a Game and Watch device 17x bigger than its original counterpart, it is completely playable and features the game Octopus.

Game and Watch devices which were first created in the 1980’s and were the precursor to devices such as the Gameboy and Nintendo Switch.

Dr Tilley who has been inventing for a while now truly began his unique creations when he and his family were living over in Thailand for about 10 years.

While in Thailand he helped build wheel-less go-karts which could be hooked up to computers to play computer games and then eventually went on to build a version of guitar hero which could have 10 people playing at once.

It was not until him and his family returned to Adelaide however that the inspiration to create the giant Game and Watch occurred. Dr Tilley said that the inspiration for creating the game replica came from attending the Adelaide Maker Faire in 2016 and wanting to bring something different to the 2017 faire. 

“I’m kinda trapped in the 80’s, I love 80’s music, movies and so on.

“I thought big things are always novel and fun, like a giant version of something and someone had given us a big screen TV which had a bit of a problem but if you flexed it just right it worked, so I started working on the giant Game and Watch TV.”

By using a ‘hacked’ $3 joystick which he had brought back from Thailand, wood, glue, paint, an old computer, the TV and a bit of his technological know-how, to get it operating, Dr Tilley was able to create the giant game.

“(It is) Just good geeky fun,” he said.

His record will appear in the Guiness World Record Gamers Edition 2019.