Majority sleep well while others struggle

While a majority go to bed each night with a roof over their head, there is a growing number of people becoming homeless due to a number of issues. 

It is amazing that we can walk the streets of the Fleurieu Peninsula and be totally unaware of what is happening in our own backyard. Out of sight, out of mind. But it is not for a few who in our community put others before themselves.

There is the Southern Fleurieu Housing Round Table (SFHRT), which consists of leaders in the church, local and state government, housing and service organisations, who want to solve the problem. And then there is also  Whalers Peninsula Community Association (WPCA), which is a charity located in Goolwa that regularly faces the reality of homelessness along the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

WPCA co-ordinator Kim Baes said during the course of a week, WPCA receives request for support from 50 to 100 homeless people asking for accommodation, food and sometimes just someone to talk to without fear of being judged or persecuted.

This group relies on donations, has no government support and is not-for-profit and helps those in need right along the south coast, not just Goolwa. Pictured is WPCA’s Debbie Huddy with Mark who receives support.

Major funding and resources are required to address the significant need for supported emergency and transitional accommodation in the region.

Pastor of the Christian Gospel Cetre Lew Saunders said the Fleurieu is the only region in South Australia that does not have supported emergency and transitional accommodation and is also the least funded region.

Options for the building or purchase of suitable houses and or units are only part of the solution. Successful models for delivery and support of emergency/transitional housing are currently being researched for future developments.

The SFHRT is currently in the process of developing a business plan to address this need. Community involvement will be a priority once a specific project is identified and ready for implementation.

Member for Finniss David Basham is aware of the issues and is proactive in the community with government funding available to those who need it. See page 3. It is important this funding goes to where it is needed.