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I am a resident of Second Valley and our rural communities have become a major focus in my life. With my wife Jane, I have served our local community over the last four years as Councillor and as Chairman of the Second Valley Progress Association. I am retired and formerly held the position as adviser in the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. I have demonstrated experience in policy, environment and business management and a strong background in community groups and community-led projects. I am committed to accountable governance, efficient council services and to supporting community values and programs, and a stronger local economy. And I know how important farming, tourism, small business and the smaller villages are to the meaning of place in the Fleurieu Coast. It would be a privilege to be your voice again in Council and I look forward to representing you in the Field ward.

12 Scenic View Drive, Second Valley, 5204


I am local farmer and business man working and living in Parawa. Erica and I run a 250 Angus  cow and vealer enterprise plus our own businesses from home. My background is RAAF, Weber BBQs Chid Care Centres and Real Estate. We are heavily involved in the community and appreciate the Fleurieu and committed to retain it’s unique environment. My vision for the Farmers and local Towns People is for The Farmland to remain a viable farming district and the Townships to retain a country sense of identity and atmosphere. I will work to achieve the development of policies to achieve this. Council rates need to be lower and increased no more than CPI. Roads have improved but there is more to be done. I have listened to rate payers while on Council and will continue to help resolve issues. I will if re elected act in your best interests and consult my community.

307 Bollarparudda Rd, Parawa, 5203


I have nominated for election to Yankalilla Council to ensure all residents and ratepayers have a truly representative voice on all Council issues. I will focus on ensuring rate revenues and Council expenditure effectively reduces and perhaps eliminates wastage and that services are improved and maintained for all. Transparency within Council is of high importance for ratepayers and residents and I will undertake to make sure our community is well represented and informed. My platform is to ensure Council moves forward in a positive and proactive manner and not be subjected to negative and reactive agendas. I remain independent and have no personal agenda other than to energetically represent Yankalilla Council residents and ratepayers to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of our community.

21 Rapid Bay Road, Delamere, 5204


I am currently self employed in the building trade and have been a councillor on the Yankalilla Council for eight years. I believe that I have the experience and a sound knowledge of the processes involved to keep the Yankalilla Council sustainable now and into the future. I am able to work cohesively in a team environment with staff, fellow councillors and rate payers to make educated decisions. I enjoy working with the community, varied groups/clubs and will assist where possible to see them improve and grow. If re-elected as a councillor I will continue to make myself available, to listen to peoples concerns/issues, while always attempting to seek a resolution. I believe it is a privilege to live in the Yankalilla District and will endeavour to maintain its character so it continues as, the place to be.

PO Box 302, Myponga, 5202


My heart is with the future of local resident families living, working and sending their children to school in the District. I will plan more events suitable for young children and help pre-teens, teenagers and young people have fun things to do. I believe in progress enhancing nature. I wish to support our cosmopolitan business scene and increase our cultural diversity. I want to support residents, non-resident land and business owners and our elders. I believe that sub-division should be balanced with maintaining farmland. I bring 10 years of survival as a lawyer and a lifetime as a struggling artist to the position. As a mother of a young son I have served on the Governing Councils of the local kindergarten and childcare centre and a local primary school. I believe that it is not only what you achieve but how you achieve it which is important.

PO Box 23, Yankalilla, 5203


I have lived in the Yankalilla District for the past 40 years managing or owning a local business all this time. I am an active member of both the CFS and SES and have been for 35 years. Other community involvement includes being a foundation member of the Yankalilla and District Lions Club 34 years ago and still a current member today as well as a Justice of the peace since 1985 and a councillor for the Light ward for the last 15 years. With a strong interest in controlled development of this community I have been a member of the Council Assessment Panel for most of this time as well as the Audit committee during the last 4 years. I am confident that with extensive local knowledge and close community involvement it stands me in good stead to continue working for this district as issues arise.

Box 50, Normanville, 5204


I am 51 years of age and fulltime carer for my wife Annie who has multiple sclerosis. I have a 21-year-old daughter who also works and lives locally. Having worked in a wide range of areas, most recently as a handyman in many people’s homes, I have developed a strong awareness of the needs of the ageing population and those with disabilities. I believe in supporting local small businesses and developing resources to maintain the region’s appeal to the community and visitors alike. As I have a passion for photography, the care and preservation of our local wildlife and scenery are high on my priorities as they are amongst the best in Australia. I am always available for contact and have the time to listen to any issues raised.  With the help of locals I wish to make a positive impact and contribution to our council area.

158 Main South Rd, Yankalilla, 5203


The Yankalilla District is a great place to live. Julie and I have had a home in Carrickalinga since 1977. Our children and grandchildren have grown up here. I have always been passionate about environmentally sustainable business and employment growth. The most satisfying years of my career were helping to create sustainable employment opportunities in small and regional towns. I believe my experience could assist the Council in identifying new employment opportunities in the region. Our District is known for its natural beauty and its cultural heritage. Protecting the character of this District and our quality of life while developing new opportunities is very important to me. I was previously an active member of the Apex Club, serving as President and four terms as Secretary. I was also the founding first Secretary of the Southern Fleurieu Chamber of Commerce. I welcome the opportunity to represent you on the Council.

Lot 91 Caudle Lane, Carrickalinga, 5204


I have been a member of this district for over twenty years. I will work to reduce the rate-able percentage per property value in this district as I believe it is too high for the capacity of most owners to pay. The current high rate is not equitable with many other councils. I will prioritise council resources to clean up the Bungala and other rivers to stop silt and stormwater destroying this internationally significant marine environment.  I will work to preserve the foreshore and coast from major development. As a non-Indigenous person I support much greater recognition and respect for Indigenous people and their culture in this district. I will meet residents regularly at all local townships rather than use social media. I will provide a run-down of issues in the district and before council in the Yankalilla Regional News.

PO Box 324, Normanville, 5204


I am a good listener and have a thorough knowledge of local government meetings, procedures and responsibilities. Experienced in chairing council committees and negotiating skills to achieve outcomes. I am currently in my third year as President of the Yankalilla Branch of the South Australian County Women’s Association. A member of ladies PROBUS and a Justice of the Peace. Our area is second to none in beauty and environment. Our unique surroundings need to be preserved and cared for, development and the environment can be harmonious if the right strategies are in place. And rate payers are consulted and listened to. It would be a privilege to serve you on the Yankalilla Council. My commitment to you that I will set up a regular tea and coffee meeting to chat in a comfortable atmosphere so I can hear directly your concerns. You can contact me on 0423 008 993 anytime.

774 Forktree Road, Carrickalinga, 5204


The first 12 months on council is about learning the process and complexities of the business. The delivery of services is very similar to private enterprise but client, shareholder (community) expectations and legislation are the differing factors. I have been very active in this term of council, not only in the Yankalilla district but on two state local government boards, on the Southern and Hills local government board, climate adaption committee, the World heritage bid group of councils, Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority all gaining knowledge of what others are doing, how they do it and expectations of other communities. I have also built relationships with government departments, state and federal ministers and members of parliament benefiting this community. I’ve nominated for a second term while I have these relationships, knowledge and more importantly the energy to serve the community. Being a councillor is about preserving and improving the life style for all, within the financial capacity of the community.

53 Norman Ave, Normanville, 5204


I moved back to the district about three years ago and as a past councillor here, took an interest in local government, attending many meetings over that time. All in all I think DC Yank is doing pretty well so will not be standing to fix anything or take a stand on any issue but simply to offer my skills and experience to council and the community. As with all committees and boards I have sat on, I will encourage structured decision making to ensure, councillors and staff consider the legitimate role of council, its responsibilities in that role and the resources required before undertaking any task or project. In all works and projects I would like to see that councillors and staff are also clear as to whether each activity is a must do, should do or nice to do and prioritise them accordingly.

Lot 91 Caudle Lane, Carrickalinga, 5204


I lived in Myponga until I was 10 years old then moved to the Riverland. Worked in BankSA for 20 years and then self-employed for 20 years. Retired to Normanville in 2015. My interests include permaculture gardening, local ecology, woodwork and walking my dogs on the beaches. The Council area has an extensive diversity of natural features, flora and fauna and provides a wonderful lifestyle for residents.  I am keen to see the region maintain the community lifestyle while growing the area in a sustainable manner. I consider supporting business and tourism is vital to ensure continued growth. I will bring to Council a sound financial knowledge, strong environmental ethics and an ability to ask questions to ensure all decisions have been well explored before implementation. I have nominated for Council to provide an economically sound platform to maintain and improve the district for the majority of residents.

PO Box 830, Normanville, 5204


I will take the opportunity to represent the people within the Light Ward of the Yankalilla Council area seriously. I will ensure that every cent collected in rates and subsidies will be spent on improving the lifestyle of the members of the electorate. We cannot afford to waste ratepayers' money on individual desires; we must elect people who will anticipate the far-reaching implications of council decisions, and who will question, study and reach conclusions that reward all people living in the district. Leaving school at the age of fifteen, I worked in retail. I have five children and we are currently renovating the family property at Carrickalinga. I owned the Yankalilla Hotel, designing and constructing the hotel as it stands today. I continue to invest into the local economy and thrive on developing and supporting like minded people in South Australia to achieve, network opportunities to help create jobs. 

Taken from the LGA website