City of Victor Harbor candidates for council positions have their say

The Times asks City of Victor Harbor elected member candidates why their should be chosen to represent the community?:

Jan Foreman

I have been a ratepayer here for 30 years. I spent years commuting to Adelaide and beyond. I would love to see this area reach a stage where others have better opportunities to stay in town.

I worked in IT, then learning and development, change management and many large projects for business systems upgrade. While working and raising a family, I gained a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Human Resource Management. I am retired.

I have been on the boards of the Folk Federation of SA, WEA and the Suzuki Talent Education Association, as well as the organising committee for the Fleurieu Folk Festival and volunteering for Radio Adelaide.

I want to improve unemployment, training, senior residential life, the arts and business development. As a team player with excellent communication skills, I can contribute to council by operating with respect, energy and a “can do” attitude.

Marilyn Henderson

Planning for the future of our vibrant, beautiful regional city is something I would really like to be a part of.  As a member of the Community Engagement Panel, State Planning Department, I am aware of the necessity to focus the interests and investments of governments, local business and industry toward meeting the needs and wants of our increasingly older population, whilst also creating spaces that are inviting and accessible to all ages, encouraging Intergeneration Connectedness, a sense of community, opportunities for shared activities, as well as generating a feeling of trust, safety, and security, including safe walking and cycling paths, and convenient parking.

We are leaders in roof-top solar and I would like to see this extended to a Community-Owned renewable energy project to reduce energy costs.

I would work toward ensuring opportunities for positive involvement and employment of young people, encouraging the growth of our younger demographic.

Tim Glazbrook

During the previous Council elections, I gave an undertaking to strive for increased efficiencies within Council. I also wanted to find ways to operate on the basis that rate increases were capped to the Consumer Price Index. Unfortunately, due to a lack of desire for change and limited support within the Council Chamber, this goal could not be achieved. I have often heard it said that we have been doing things this way for years, so why should we change things now? Our recently appointed CEO has brought a breath of fresh air and a different attitude. Change now seems possible.  I would like to be a part of an exciting and progressive future.  If re-elected, I will strive for financial sustainability and to cap rate increases to the Consumer Price Index.  Hopefully there will be some new faces on Council prepared to engage in a respectful, cooperative team approach.

Brayden Mann

Having grown up in Victor Harbor working at my family's newsagency, I understand the important role that local business plays in our community. I have strong communication and collaboration skills; developed through studying a double degree in Law and International Relations at Flinders University, where I assisted in accrediting and reviewing the law degree alongside a Supreme Court Justice. I am passionate about leadership, demonstrated through being the Flinders Law Student's Association's Marketing Director, the Investigator College Captain and Lions Youth of the Year state finalist.

I have always been active in our community from coaching basketball, being a Green Team volunteer to being actively involved in local sporting clubs, I recognise that our youth should not have to leave Victor to pursue opportunity and employment. If elected, I will endeavour to promote council unity, advocate for more youth opportunities and represent you to the best of my ability. "

Kerry Trezise

My message to you to the residents/ratepayers is simple. On your behalf I will be actively with quality communication seek to help build a cohesive council.

For goodness sake who wants to be part of a council stymied by divisive Code of Conduct claims, when time and $$$ can be spent working for you directly. There is simply too much to do!

Ratepayers deserve a break from continual rate rises, which are comparatively higher than a number of other areas in the state.

Have enthusiastic support for Victor Harbor Council participating in LG Consortium which seeks, under the RESILIENT COASTAL ENERGY PROGRAM CONCEPT entry into NATIONAL RETAIL ENERGY Market; thus capturing community benefits.

Have strong support for Town Hall upgrade becoming a Heritage Arts Culture precinct. Will be awesome!

Am currently employed as a part time Social/Market researcher. Have worked in my community for 17 years in groups/committees.

David Kemp

Retired Commander David Kemp served in the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service with a 33-year career rising to the rank of Commander as a member of the Executive team and on the Board of Directors for the Fire Service Credit Union. This position gave David experience in Corporate Governance, Emergency Management, day-to-day Departmental Management functions. David has gained tertiary qualifications, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management and a Graduate Diploma in Executive Leadership. David lives in Encounter Bay with his partner Janette.

David will work in partnership with other Elected Members and Administration to drive his vision to improve Council’s performance in the areas of Economic Development, Prudential Financial Accountability, Infrastructure & Asset Management and Corporate Governance. David wants to contribute to the City of Victor Harbor strategic direction where he believes’ he has the capability and aptitude necessary to contribute positively towards navigating the council safely over the next 4 years.

Peter Charles

As a councillor for the last 4 years, I have been labelled a big mouth and trouble maker, and this is the reason why there has been petty infighting. I am argumentative if I feel there is a better outcome. In my opinion a councillor should, if he/she feels a topic should be further investigated and not taken at face value, argue, debate, explore options or alternatives to provide the best outcome for the community.  After all, councillors are voted into council by the community and for the community. This is what I was elected to do.  And I guarantee, if I am elected into council again, THIS WILL NOT CHANGE.  I will continue to challenge, create worthwhile & productive debate amongst my fellow councillors, and in doing so a few feathers will be ruffled.  So be it – this is my character.

Tim Telfer

Having served on Council from 2010 to 2014, I offer experience in council processes and a working knowledge of many of the ongoing issues confronting council.

I believe strongly in debating ideas, not competing personalities. I am very independent in my thinking and will listen to any idea and make up my own mind regardless of where that idea has come from. I will never belong to any voting block and will always do my best to represent the best interests of the community .

I will not support endless Code of Conduct complaints as I believe them to be an unhelpful waste of time and ratepayer’s money. I support the Coral Street Arts Centre and the boating facility on the eastern side of the Causeway

The current level of rate rises is unsustainable and my experience as a councillor convinces me that there are ways to save money

Bill Lowe

I have been a Victor Harbor resident since 1995. A licensed tradesperson (house painter) with two local employees. Married and a father of three who have all been through the VHR-7 Primary and Victor Harbor High Schools. I am the founder and president of the Granite Community Band in which I have organised many concerts and events, including bringing the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to Victor Harbor. I have been on the production teams of the last 10 South Coast Choral and Arts Society (SCCAS) productions, including business manager on some of the largest productions. A past Secretary, Treasurer and Committee member of SCCAS. A past treasurer of the Victor Harbor Gymnastics Club. I would be a voice for the worker and ratepayer, with a strong interest in our local community groups and the performing arts and live productions.

Carol Schofield

Carol Schofield`s family have worked and lived in Victor Harbor for five generations.

Carol established her own aquaculture business in Inman Valley producing both fresh and value added products and was instrumental in developing the marketing arm of the Freshwater Crayfish Industry in South Australia.

Her commitment to her community over many years has seen Carol actively involved in local organisations including Rotary Club of Yankalilla, Port Elliot Life Saving, Regional Development Australia and Government Industry Development Boards.

Carol served on many council committees during the past four years including the Horse Tram Committee. She has been a member of South Australian International delegations and acknowledged as a leader in her field.

Carol said “If re-elected I would like to see council adopt strong leadership with good governance practices that encourages and supports economic growth while being mindful of our diverse populations needs , incorporating sound consultation practices when planning for the future.”

Bob Marshall

An experienced councillor and member of two different councils since 1995, I believe I have always displayed honesty, integrity and pragmatism. I am well educated with tertiary qualifications in environmental management. I owned my own business for many years as an electrical contractor and before retirement I worked in the funeral industry. As a former Chairman of Centennial Park Cemetery Authority I have a solid understanding of cemetery management and business. If re-elected I would strive to keep rate increases at CPI, denounce factional infighting and speak out for the ordinary ratepayer in order to prioritise spending on ‘needs’ for all, instead of ‘wants’ for minorities. Council needs to focus more on core business activities to provide the services ratepayers need and expect, particularly for our elderly. I have no hidden agendas or political affiliations, so ‘what you see is what you get’. Please give me your number one vote. Web site –

Andrew Robertson

The good burghers of Victor want councillors who; CARE about, and will tackle, all their concerns, CONSULT, listen and give feedback to Community, and other Councillors, COLLABORATE with Business, neighboring councils and State Government to negotiate the best outcomes to achieve our economic potential.

From extensive door knocking I know you want the next generation to find a job, business, career or profession on the South Coast, our economy to grow, a lean, transparent and accountable council, efficient parking, transport infrastructure that works, and an accessible, Granite Island, fit for the 21st century.

Realising Victor’s potential will come from big, considered long term thinking, utilising best practice and all our human talent, including that of absentee ratepayers, expressing our latent Arts and Culture flair and bold Town planning.

On, on Victor. I urge you to grant me your Number 1 vote.

Chris McRae

Local governments are uniquely placed to engage collaboratively with their community and decisions are made in Council that facilitate and the fulfilment of local needs. As a long-term Victor Harbor resident and with an extensive background in education, training and management, I will bring to Council experience in team building, open and effective communication skills and an ability to listen and empathise with matters that impact on our community.

I want to see Victor Harbor grow and prosper as an energetic, vibrant and exciting place to live, work and conduct business and, importantly, for all to enjoy.

I will be a positive voice to promote a vibrant community lifestyle and to provide good governance and sound financial and environmental development. My support for small business, and strategic planning for future growth and development of our Seaside Lifestyle will be integral to my role as councillor, if elected.

Keith Loeser

Rates freeze – Respect – Integrity – Commitment. My view is a vision of a Blue Water Council and community working together to benefit the whole area and its residents. I am particularly interested in controlling the Budget and Rates and having better community/council communications with community forums.

Our council deserves the opportunity to start with fresh councillors willing to work as a Team Victor to draw new innovative business while still respecting the heritage and natural features of our area. Rates and roads are a priority with forward thinking attitude to promote the area in co-operation with other stakeholders.

Nick Hayles

Throughout my first term on Council I have always endeavoured to perform my role through serving on numerous committees, representing council on community organisations and have enthusiastically performed the role of Deputy Mayor. If re-elected there are many things that I would love to see achieved. A few of which include developing designs for new sport and recreation facilities, a comprehensive footpath construction program to fill the gaps in our existing network and coastal management planning to adequately address climate adaptation. Victor Harbor is an amazing place, offering a lifestyle that is the envy of others. We need to ensure that as our city continues to grow we protect what is unique, highlight what is great and do our best to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. It is an exciting time for our community and I am asking you to help me continue to serve you.

Bryan Littlely

I am a returned local with a solid understanding of the Victor Harbor community and vast experience in business, social policy and government at most levels. My media career, and significant work in community leadership roles, has equipped me with the skills required of a good councillor.

I’m motivated by the desire to continually improve my community and create opportunities for all residents and businesses. 

I’ve invested into Victor Harbor the thing of most value to me by moving my family to my home town. With that comes my commitment to invest my skills, time and experiences across many sectors, so that I can play a role in ensuring our region prospers.

Most importantly, I’m committed to listening to you so that I can use my skills and experience to best effect to encourage the City of Victor Harbor to truly act in the collective best interests of our town.