Council elections are coming and votes need to be returned by November 9

Are you ready to vote in the 2018 Council Elections?

Postal votes need to be returned by Friday, November 9, with candidate information available now to help you make a decision when completing your ballot paper.

Participating in the local council election is one of the most direct ways you can make a difference to everyday life in our community.

Decisions about council services, policies and projects are made by people who represent the views of local residents. You can influence what happens in the Alexandrina community by ensuring your vote goes to a candidate who represents your views, opinions and values.

Alexandrina Council Acting Chief Executive Officer Anne Liddell said voting in council elections was done by post.

“If you are on the state electoral roll or have completed an enrolment to join the supplementary roll, you will receive a voting pack in the mail in late October 2018,” she said.

“The ballot paper in your voting pack will show the candidates standing for election in your council Ward.”

You can learn more about Alexandrina’s election candidates and what they stand for at

Visit for more information about the voting process.

“Make a difference to everyday life in your community – return your postal vote before November 9.”