The best in people shines when times get tough on the Fleurieu Peninsula

It is a very busy time on the Fleurieu Peninsula and the festive season has not really kicked in yet. But what you must love is the way the communities on the Fleurieu Peninsula pitch in when times get tough.

On Saturday, an 11-year-old girl led the way for all of us to follow when she had her long locks shaved off to raise funds for homelessness on the Fleurieu.

Lauren Cousins (pictured) was the star of the show and rightly so, as her selfless initiative raised $7000 for her cause.

What a beautiful soul she is to have a charity so dear to her heart at such a young age.

All of the money will assist homelessness on the Fleurieu. The money will be dispersed by the Fleurieu Community Foundation.

Lauren and her family have faced some very tough times themselves and her inspiration was to give back to the community that supported them. 

Lauren’s goal now is to continue the fundraising by holding events, particularly aiming at the younger generation and raising awareness of issues in our community.

This coming Saturday at Crabtree Farm at Goolwa, there is an event which caters for the families of the Fleurieu Peninsula to raise funds and awareness of the dreaded disease Leukaemia.

The day will honour the passing of popular local identity Matt Cousins and the team at the Heritage Bakery has a day planned full of entertainment. 

Then there is the Victor Harbor branch of the ANZ, which for the 14th year will run its Christmas Appeal in collaboration with the Salvation Army. Last Christmas the Appeal assisted 98 families in need and made it a Christmas to enjoy.

ANZ’s Naomi McElwaine has been the driving force behind the Appeal and it is her last one after 14 years and it is people like her that makes our community a better one. Thank you Naomi.

It is people like Lauren Cousins, Vicki Leane from the Heritage Bakery and Naomi McElwaine, who make our community so unique, due to their selfless volunteer actions. Fortunately we have many more in our community and they rise to the top when times need it.

On another note, please fill in your local government election voting ballot and post it. It is the last chance to have a say in who governs your community for the next four years. Your vote will make a difference.