Nisa Schebella: We need to make some changes

Are we in the Anthropocene? The age defined by human-influenced extinction and climate change? Some scientists put the genesis of the Great Acceleration of change on the Earth as far back as the Agricultural Revolution 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, some to as recent as 1945 when the US conducted the nuclear Trinity Test in the desert of New Mexico.

Is this Great Acceleration of change the end of nature? Are we quantum leaping from a natural and to an artificial life here on Earth?  

No matter when the experts finally agree on the why and the when, we, now in 2018 need to action on the how and the what.

I read an article recently that claimed that future archaeologists will dig down into the earth’s crust and see the layers identifying the 20th and 21st centuries will be primarily plastic. An earth wrapped in plastic... that image blows my mind.

We live on this great southern land, an island in a world struggling to manage and support itself. Our policies and practices do not support even the basics… clean soil, air and water. We need them, and we need food and fibre to survive.

We need the land owners and the farmers to take more action. We need the 70 per cent who do not use sustainable and regenerative practices to start to think and act differently and make the eco-agricultural changes to their farming practices so yields are greater and environmental impacts less.

Things like better dams that hold more water for longer, tree screening, more bio diversity, hardier crops and stock breeds, biodynamics, networking with other regenerative farmers and take advantage of government grants and programs.

Farmers and their businesses health benefit although stats say that 30pc will not change. That leaves 40pc who could however, and that’s encouraging.

Written by Nisa Schebella