Safety on the road is everyone’s business | EDITORIAL

Road safety; it really is everyone’s business.

If you are licensed to operate a vehicle it is your duty and responsibility to ensure you respect road rules.

They’re in place for a reason; not to spoil anyone’s fun out on the roads, but to ensure that you, and other drivers on the road, make it from point A to point B safe and sound. 

The devastation of road crashes is horrific. Our community been rocked by numerous tragic incidents in recent years.

Driving on country roads poses entirely different risks to that of driving on metropolitan roads.

Long winding stretches of roads will test the attention of even the most skilled drivers.

Or a kangaroo unexpectedly bounding across your path is more likely to catch you off guard if you feel fatigued.  

Planning ahead of trips also helps.

Even if you are driving 10 minutes down the road, make sure you have your playlist set before you head off, or pick a podcast that will see you through the entirety of your trip. 

By minimising the number of distractions you are making a decision that you are going to be safe and alert when driving.

Fatigue is another risk factor that threatens the safety of drivers. 

Leave your destination 10 minutes early in case you need to stop and have a stretch to break up the length of your trip.

Being time poor is not an excuse. Everyone has time for safety. 

Coming into the Christmas season, calendars become filled with festive functions. 

Be prepared and make sure to organise a responsible designated driver, download an app (you know the ones) which allows you to organise a driver, or book a taxi in advance. 

Don’t be of the mindset that “it won’t happen to me”. A slack attitude never got anyone anywhere, in fact it is more likely to only get you in trouble.

Apply the rules of life to the road: remain focused, stay on track, don’t cut corners and when you need a break, take one.

Don’t take any risks on the road this festive season, or at any time. 

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