Victor gets up early for Sunrise special | PHOTOS

In an uncommon sight, about 200 people visited Warland Reserve in the early hours of Wednesday, December 5, to have their face on TV as Channel 7’s Sunrise program set up in Victor Harbor.

Sam Mac, the weather man, is travelling to towns around the country to create an ‘A to Z of Australia’, and Victor Harbor was chosen for the letter ‘V’.

About 130 people creating a letter ‘V’ on the beach next to the Causeway.

Sam said he enjoyed meeting the “characters” of Victor Harbor.

“There was a lady who was wearing a mask of my cat, Vicki Hutchinson from the library – she wanted to remain anonymous but I’ve blown her cover,” he said.

“It’s been such a unique morning in terms of people bringing their cats down, people giving me little keyring gifts which are ‘vegie pals’ so I’ll no longer be lonely on the road, a lady gave me some skincare products so I don’t know if she’s having a go saying I need to work on my glow but I’ll take them… everyone was so friendly.”