Southern Fleurieu Housing Roundtable raising awareness for homelessness

Peter Hanlon, Adrianna Burnes-Nguyen, Lew Saunders.
Peter Hanlon, Adrianna Burnes-Nguyen, Lew Saunders.

Next year the South Coast will host a major community fundraising event to help people in the region facing homelessness.

Earlier this week the Southern Fleurieu Housing Roundtable held a meeting where it began to develop a strategic plan for its activities in 2019, it was at this meeting that the idea of a major event was developed.

Southern Fleurieu Housing Roundtable chair Lew Saunders said the local community was looking to focus their efforts to support organisations providing services to the homeless.

“We’re strongly encouraged by the southern Fleurieu communities compassion for people facing homelessness, and their willingness to help,” Mr Saunders said.

Money which is raised from the event will be going to the Fleurieu Community Foundation homelessness fund.

“We’ve identified a number of priorities such as the need to ensure people facing homelessness are aware of available services and how to access them, increasing the support available, and opportunities to increase housing infrastructure in our region,” he said. The organisation is working to improve advocacy on behalf of its members, ensuring the region has a strong voice in government policy decisions. “It was a productive meeting providing us with a clear path forward in 2019, and I’m very grateful for the input of those who attended.” Mr Saunders added that the organisation feels very fortunate to be in a community which is incredibly supportive of homelessness and prepared to take action which will help lower the homelessness rates.