People pour into Forktree for craft beer

Forktree Brewing may only be a couple of months into trading, but things are ticking along really well at the brewery and cookhouse.

The local community have embraced the family-owned business, which was one of the Hatcher’s main goals when they started this journey.

It’s a credit to them that all of their staff are really invested in making sure everyone who drops by to visit the brewery and cookhouse has a special experience.

Forktree Brewing have stepped things up a gear during their first festive season in operation. 

They have made some slight tweaks to the menu, with the kitchen team always looking to push the boundary on what they offer and stick to the main principle: keep it simple and do it well.

Christmas functions have been plentiful, with both sporting identities and local customers joining in on the fun.

“We were stoked to have the Adelaide Crows in for a feed and some soft drinks before Christmas,” owner Ben Hatcher said.

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“It was a great night and it was our pleasure to host the team and support staff.

“Hopefully they’ll be able to get down in the off season and sample our beers.”

Speaking of beers, the Forktree Brewing team is working hard to get the recipe down on their next release.

It’ll be a session ale based on a cream ale recipe.

If all goes to plan, the Hatcher’s will have their pilot brewery setup in the brewery section very soon so that they can take people through the process of brewing and get some feedback on their creations before they scale them up.

“Obviously we are a bit time poor, especially with our hours now extending to Thursday to Monday, but we can’t wait to have all four taps with our own beers to offer the punters,” Mr Hatcher said. 

The beer garden at the brewery is really taking shape now and is a place to relax in comfort. 

“It’s going to be brilliant having people sitting down on the grassed area, swigging a beer (or wine, or softy) and casting an eye over the stunning coastline,” Mr Hatcher said.