Bowls in the Great Southern Association

WINNERS: Championship Ladies Four at the Encounter Bay Bowling Club Sandy Berg, Edna Gabel, Jenny Collett and Bev Walker.
WINNERS: Championship Ladies Four at the Encounter Bay Bowling Club Sandy Berg, Edna Gabel, Jenny Collett and Bev Walker.

Encounter Bay Bowls

Mixed Pairs Championship 2018/19 and it is congratulations to Sandy Berg and Geoff Berg who defeated Bev Walker and Doug Pudney. Second year in a row the partnership has been successful.

In the Ladies Championship Fours 2018/19, Jenny Collett, Bev Walker, Sandy Berg and Edna Gabel  defeated Kathy Clarke, Stephanie Clarke, Ros Male and Jill Ockenden. Excellent, tight fought game.

Men’s Monthly Pairs needed three greens to accommodate all the bowlers. Overall winners M. Hallion and D. Hammett with 56 plus 19. On a count back from Leo Staak and Jan Bakker.

Winners of 1st game with 30 plus 13 Brian Chigwidden and Brian Hissey. Winners of 2nd game I. Sellers and J Manifold with 30 plus 6. The first day of the second half of the Saturday Pennant Season was overall quite successful.

Div 1 was defeated by Victor Harbor Blue, but only by 2 shots! (56-54) gaining 2 pts on the premiership table. Leo Staak's team won 21-14 over John Brown's team. Div 2 Blue defeated Pt Elliot 68-34 gaining 12 pts, Yvette Wells' rink winning 29-9 over their opposition. This puts the team at 4th on the premiership table.

Div 2 Gold also had a win over Langhorne Creek 59-52 in three very close fought matches, gaining 12 pts also. Div 3 defeated Goolwa White 65-54 gaining 8 pts. Darryl Keane's team winning their rink 37-11 and Div 4 lost to Aldinga Bay 32-82. They remain at 5th on the table.

Victor Harbor Bowls 

Those extra servings of Christmas pudding appear to have helped the Victor Pennant players get to the head this week. Pleasing to see all five sides record wins on the first Saturday of the New Year.

Div 1 Blue were home to Encounter Bay and in a very competitive match, scraped in by 2 shots with the rinks of Fred Kelly (19/15) and Len Basford (23/18) responsible for the narrow win.

Div 1 White were also home to Clarendon and also recorded 10 points with the rinks of Mick Hallion (20/12) and Dennis Williams (19/13) ensuring a 10 shot win. Div 2 travelled to McLaren Vale and came home smiling with another 10 points with solid wins to the rinks of Lyn Thatcher (36/10) and David Ling (35/21) and a narrow loss to Geoff Dohse (18/20).

Div 3 were away to Strathalbyn Red and found the Strath greens to their liking with all rinks up and 12 points – Bronwen Mullen (22/14), Jeff Hollitt (24/18) and, great to see Ron Pope back in action, with his rink up 31/18. Div 5 played Port Elliot Black at home and took the full 12 points with wins to the rinks of Justin McMillan (31/15), Craig Jacobs (25/8) and Helen Anderson (16/15).

A good group of social bowlers were in attendance Saturday playing Triples. There were some close matches and a draw. Winners of the day were R. Phillips, P Schmid, and M. Brownrigg. Second was the team of K. Essenhigh, D. Smith and B. Burley. Social bowls continues Saturday afternoons and names can be put down on the board or ring the club Saturday between 9am and 10am.

Meanwhile the first two rounds of the Men’s Championship singles have been completed with several very competitive matches on view for spectators. The quarter finals have been reached and will be played on Sunday.

Port Elliot Bowls

Pennants recommenced this Saturday, with a resultant mixed bag of results for Port Elliot Bowling Club. The two teams at home had good wins.

Div 1 played Goolwa Black and clocked up a winning score of 90 – 50 and 12 points. Chris Monk 28-21, Phil Hollow 26-20, Barry Trowbridge 36-9. A great outcome for Div 1 and a move to 6th position on the ladder. 

Div 2 had a disappointing day at Encounter Bay (68-34).  All three teams lost and hence no points were earned. Peter Ratcliffe 9-29, Ian McLeod 14-24, Jim Roberts 11-15. 

Div 3 had a good win at home vs Myponga (62-50). Two winning rinks and an overall win earned the side 10 points. Helen Taylor 20-14, Trevor Wilson 30-13. Mick  Price team was down 12-23. This side currently  holds 2nd position.

Div 5 Black was. also disappointed in losing their away game vs Victor Harbor (VH 72-PE 38) and no points scored. Brian Petherick’s side played a close game, losing by one shot 16-15. 

Ian Love’s team got off to a good start and showed promise of a good outcome, but their opponents came back strong after tea and the team went down 31-15.

Dorothy Price’s team got a few shots on the scoreboard early and  then were out bowled for a large part of the game, going down  25-8. This side needs a good win next week to maintain first position  on the ladder.

Div 5 Red had a Bye this week.

On Sunday, January 6, 30 plus members were up early and on board a bus headed for Glenelg for the annual Port Elliot Bowling Club v Glenelg friendly club challenge. It was a great day, mild with sunshine and little breeze and the grass greens ran well.   

This year, despite PEBC enthusiasm and effort, Glenelg was the winning club 195 shots – 172 and president Maryanne McGill reluctantly handed the shield over to hang in the Glenelg clubhouse for the next 12 months. 

Friday, January 11, adults and juniors are invited to Come & Try Lawn Bowls at Port Elliot Bowling Club between 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm. No cost. Please wear flat soled shoes. Persons wishing to know more about bowling at Port Elliot, please call the club 8554 2317.   

LOST: Elliot president Maryanne McGill the shield to Glenelg's Rob Teague.

LOST: Elliot president Maryanne McGill the shield to Glenelg's Rob Teague.

Goolwa Bowling Club 

Well, Christmas has been and gone for another year so it’s back to the business of bowling again. On Wednesday, January 2, was the ever popular Triple 8’s day, first round for 2019.

With 30 teams taking part including visitors from Port Elliot, Reynella, Milswood, Milang, Mt.Barker, Spalding, Victor Harbor and Goolwa. Winners on A Green were visitors from Port.Elliot in N. Addnett and T.Gunnell, on B Green, winners were Sid Rolf and Dan Krebbekx and on C Green  Ray Huckle and N.Carlile.

Well done guys, this is the last week for promotion/relegation for the season, so next time some teams may be playing in different divisions than they have been so far. OG Pennants on January 5 and not a lot to be said about the Goolwa sides. Div1 Black played Port Elliot for 0 points. 

Div 1 White did much better at home to McLaren Vale for a well earned 8 points. Div.3 Black did similar at home to Strathalbyn White for 8 points, with Neil Carlile’s team carrying the side over the line. Div 3 White returned from Encounter Bay with just 4 unlucky points. The two winning teams not being able to cover the loss of the third team.

Div 4 did best on the day at home to Langhorne Creek for 10 points. Div 5 home to Milang for a very disappointing 0 points. 

 GOOLWA: C Green 3x8 winners N.Carlile, John Reed (president) and Ray Huckle.

GOOLWA: C Green 3x8 winners N.Carlile, John Reed (president) and Ray Huckle.

Regional Bowls

On Sunday Great Southern players represented the Region against the State Development Squad in a match at McLaren Vale.

This event planned as a match with four teams of fours and a pair for the Men and two teams of fours of Women along with two teams of four Women from Region 6 became a match between Region 7 and the State team when the Region 6 Women failed to appear on the day.

Thanks to women who were in attendance to help at the club and were co-opted along with a couple of local McLaren Vale ladies who were able to make it at short notice.

The Women got off to a great start with the two makeup teams coming through with a win and a loss 18 – 8 and 17 – 19. The chosen two teams skippered by Lyn Thatcher 14 – 20 and Jo Cullen 22 – 11 completed the morning with an overall 71 – 58 result.

After lunch the morning chosen teams continued with a couple of minor adjustments and along with the chosen afternoon teams came away with three wins out of four. Sue Wilkins 23 – 12, Helen Edwards 9 - 23, Lyn Thatcher 21 – 13, and Jo Cullen 15 – 14 giving totals of 68 – 62 for an overall for the day of 139 – 120.

A very pleasing day for our Ladies. The selectors will meet to select the Prestige Medley and Round Robin sides, so they should be known within the next fortnight.

The Men did not fare quite as well in the morning with only 1 win to 4 losses. Mark Ritchie 14 – 20, Steve Davidson 17 – 15, Len Basford 24 – 27,  Scott Binns 16 – 28 and the pair Brenton Speed and Les Carter 15 – 19, totalling 86 – 109.

A couple of minor changes were made at lunch by the selectors and the afternoon proved much more fruitful with four wins and only 1 loss. Ray Dienelt 17 – 16, Steve Davidson 27 – 13, Len Basford 26 – 18, Scott Binns 28 – 13 and the pair were the only loss at 13 – 18 for a total of 111 – 78. Overall for the day the Men finished 197 – 187.

President Brian thanked the club for the day and congratulated the players on a very well fought out match. It was considered a great workout for the players in preparation for the Prestige Medley and Round Robin to come up later in the season. The selectors will meet in the next few days to pick the teams for the Walker Nolan Shield so keep your eyes out at the clubs for these selections.