Wake up call for gateway to Granite Island

There have been many in the community who have said ‘I told you so” when it came to the temporary closure of the Causeway for the horse tram.

The 150-year-old Causeway is treasured, not just by locals, but also visitors who enjoy walking or catching the Horse Tram to go to Granite Island.

The pylons on the western side of the Causeway do appear particularly ill and fragile (pictured) and the railing has so much give, it is waiting for someone to take a selfie and fall into the water below.

The Causeway was closed due to a pylon “partially” giving way, which created a dip in the tram line resulting in temporary cancellation of tram services as a precautionary measure.   

The City of Victor Harbor has to be commended for its quick action in closing the Horse Tram from travelling on the Causeway.

It was safety first before dollars and the upside of it happening at the busiest time of the year, is that it has raised awareness of a safety issue with the Causeway and it needs to be rectified.

City of Victor Harbor CEO Victoria MacKirdy said “We are disappointed to cancel the horse tram service given it is our peak season and trams have been operating at capacity. However, the safety of our passengers, horses and staff is paramount and we will not be operating until we are satisfied that it is safe.”

Reassuring and caring words from the CEO.

Once the news broke of the Causeway situation, many were quick to point the blame at the council, unaware that the Causeway was under the care and control of the State Government Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI). 

Council has control of the tram tracks, so the upkeep of the Causeway is with the State Government.

Although it is business as usual for the Horse Tram, it is now imperative the State Government plans a long term view for the Causeway.

Propping or bandaid repairs will not cut it in the long term and the community looks forward to the full condition assessment of the entire structure, which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019.

Our CEO, mayor and Member for Finniss will be making sure this commitment is honoured, or the same thing will happen in 12 months time if not sooner.