Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club enters surf carnivals

The Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Under 13 swim Team - Finn Portoeus, Summer Byerlee, Taya Forbes and Daisy Trim.
The Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Under 13 swim Team - Finn Portoeus, Summer Byerlee, Taya Forbes and Daisy Trim.

It was  a big weekend for Port Elliot Surfsport competitors - surfboats on Saturday and Junior Carnival including Youth on Sunday.


Four surfboat crews headed to Moana to compete in the boat competition, comprising the 3rd round of State Team selection. Crews had to cope with the heat and tricky cross shore wind, forcing them to do reverse turns in the conditions which isn’t commonly done.

The Open Men Port Elliot ‘Meat Tray’ consisting of sweep Troy Irvin and rowers Barnaby French, Trent Marles, Michael Forbes and Garth Reynolds rowed well, improving all day on their competition finishing in 3rd place.

The Open Woman’s crew Port Elliot ‘Chill Factor’ with sweep Chris Tapscott, rowers Melissa Rebecca, Tara Irvin, Cherysse Fancsali and Kayla Koop. The crew wasn’t vying for State Team position and rowed in the Reserves to even up the heats, coming away with a dominant win for 4/5 races and showing their position in the Open division is warranted.

The Reserve Men ‘The Good Ol Boys’ with sweep Steve Tummel and rowers Mark Williams, Eric Sheridan, first time rower Rhys Robinson and Michael Lippett. The crew rowed hard all day in windy conditions and competing against much younger crews finished 8th overall.

The U/19 Men’s crew Port Elliot ‘Outcasts’ with sweep Troy Irvin and rowers Mathew Read, Thomas Johnson, Mikey O’Sullivan and Connor Irvin also improved all day rowing against a combined field of U/19 and U/23’s finishing 4th overall and second in the U/19’s.


Port Elliot fielded 15 Youth (u14/ u15) athletes at Southport for the combined junior/ youth carnival on Sunday in near perfect conditions.

The team consensus was that there was nowhere anyone would rather have been than on the beach with such close mates. It was a great display of what a close, loyal and friendly group of young adults we’re raising at Horseshoe Bay.

As expected the kids were strong on the sand. Our boy's beach relay team, Connell Skanes, Charlie Shearer, Zach Palmer, and Cayden Byerlee cruised into the final and finished second outright amongst very strong competition. Both girls’ teams made the final (in spite of dropping a batten in their heat!) to finish with an outright fourth and sixth.

The 2km beach run on very soft sand fell into the hands of our strong endurance runners. Maxwell Brown and Charlie Shearer breasted the line in a thrilling finish for a dead heat second. Matilda Angel ran a very strong race in her 2km event to also finish second.

Big shout out to our Saturday afternoon Club Swim!!! More of the Youth age group from Port Elliot are taking on the individual swim at carnivals. Full teams are also being put together in the Cameron in no small part thanks to the club swim encouraging us to take on and achieve our weakest leg.

The kids pushed hard all day with brave performances in the swim, Cameron relay, board relays and Iron. By the end of the day there were plenty of weary bodies on the beach but not so tired as to stop Georgina Tenny, Matilda Angel, Maxwell Brown, Zach Palmer and Jobe Hendriks from taking on the Iron.


What a top day at Southport for the Juniors. With a clean, small swell and deep water straight off the beach, conditions were favourable for the Elliot crew.

The extremely green march past team (rustled together by Skye) took heed off Jeff’s last minute tips to post a 6th place and boost the morale of all involved.

The U13’s were a force on the boards with Max and Finn really showing improvement over the season as they teamed up with Daisy to finish an impressive 3rd in their heat and 5th in the board relay final.

Whilst all displayed determination and enthusiasm as they swam, paddled and ran it was Daisy that stole the limelight to finish 3rd in the iron person. Other highlights included; the 5th place finish by Finn, Jake, Taya and Max in the final of the beach relay, and Summer’s iron will to compete and complete every event with a smile on her face.

Under 13 relay team representing the Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club - Finn Porteous, Jake Megaw, Taya Forbes and Max Fancsali.

Under 13 relay team representing the Port Elliot Surf Life Saving Club - Finn Porteous, Jake Megaw, Taya Forbes and Max Fancsali.

Twelve under 12’s competed.

Water events were up first, with a board relay. Our 4 teams all did their best, with 2 teams making the final. Harry, Henry and Zara finished the final in 8th. Swim teams were up next - and the 2 teams to took it on with a smile! Zara was the second girl and 5th competitor out of the water. We fielded 3 Cameron teams, and all pushed themselves hard.

Up next was the iron. Evie competed in her first ever iron man, and finished with a smile. Sasha smashed the swim component and showed her improvement in the board to finish middle of the pack. Lily and Chloe pushed themselves so hard and showed grit and determination.

Zara swam well, coming out of the water in 4th, she then took on the board, paddling hard and maintaining her position. She snagged a great wave at the final can, and glided past the other girls to the shore to finish in a sprint to the line in first position. Harry P, Henry, Lucas and Harry C pushed themselves, swimming hard, looking for the wave on the board running through the line.

With water events over we took to the other end of the beach for the 1km distance run.

Harry C finished top 10, Harry P And Henry showed they can run distance, and Lucas and Alex had a sprint over the line to finish together. The girls also ran really well, Zara and Lily were top 12, Sasha not far behind and Isabel worked hard to finish happily.

Relay teams next, one team included Elijah from Goolwa, alex, Lucas and Lily ran hard in the heat, made the semi final! Sasha, Isabel, Henry and Zara had fun in their race.

The team of Chloe, Reed, Harry and Harry was impressive. They sprinted hard in the heat, and despite a baton drop finished 1st. On to the semi final.

Powerful, strong and clean changeovers put them in 1st again. The crowd had built by this stage. The rest of our team along with parents and coaches and other age groups gathered.

The final was exciting. Harry up first, pushing himself hard to lead early against his nemesis from Grange! Chloe smashed her run, increasing the lead, Harry C showed his form and with one last clean change over Reed left nothing in the tank finishing first by at least 4 metres.