Operation ‘Riversafe’ hailed a success by SAPOL

Between December 27 and January 10 Operation Riversafe saw teams from the SA Police Water Operations Unit take to the River Murray as visitor numbers in the region swelled. 

Among the hundreds of river goers spoken to by police over the busy summer period, the vast majority were found to be doing the right thing.

This is supported by the fact that of 171 alcohol tests carried out, zero returned a positive result. 

However, of concern to SA Police were the number of solo boaties found to be not wearing personal flotation devices, or those in boats less than 4.8m in length who also weren’t complying with the regulations.

New life jacket regulations came into effect in December 2017, with a 12-month education and awareness campaign undertaken by DPTI Marine Safety Officers after that.

All up, police conducted 148 safety equipment checks, and noted that generally there was good compliance with the regulation that requires children under the age of 12 to wear personal flotation devices.

In the majority of cases, those who were not complying with required regulations were issued with a formal caution by police, rather than an expiation notice. 

One jetski rider – a 31-year-old man from Mt Barker - tested positive for methamphetamine and is expected to face further legal consequences upon the completion of forensic testing.

Police also lent a helping hand to three broken down boats during the Operation.

Operation Riversafe Totals:

Safety checks: 148

Expiations issued: 8

Cautions issued: 29

Arrests/reports: 1

Alco tests: 171 (nil positive)

Drug test: 126 (1 positive)