Three car crash in Victor Harbor

Three cars have been involved in a crash at the intersection of Crozier Road and Stuart Street at approximately 12 noon today.

The cars were severely damaged in the incident, however no serious injuries have been reported.

Witnesses described the incident as "carnage", with a number of bystanders originally believing a road rage event was unfolding, after a Mini Cooper was seen repeatedly smashing into a Mitsubishi Lancer.

It soon became clear that the elderly driver of the Mini Cooper was in the midst of some form of medical episode, causing his vehicle to spin and repeatedly strike the Lancer, whose driver was visibly shaken, but unharmed following the incident.

Nearby signage was also struck before the Mini Cooper veered across Crozier Road and came to a halt outside of Victor Harbor Subaru after colliding with a passing ute. 

One eyewitness said it appeared a car had been "doing donuts", but as things escalated it became clear the driver was not in control of the vehicle.