Faces and Food of the Fleurieu successful enough to entice a second book

Fleurieu produce: Creator of Faces and Food of the Fleurieu, Rojina McDonald is preparing for her second book.

Fleurieu produce: Creator of Faces and Food of the Fleurieu, Rojina McDonald is preparing for her second book.

After successfully launching 'Faces and Food of the Fleurieu' a book which focuses on recipes and stories from local chefs and food producers, the books creator Rojina McDonald has already turned her focus to a new book: Wine, Beer and Spirits of the Fleurieu.

This new book will give readers the opportunity to do a 'mental' tour of the region and hopefully entice them to come and physically visit the region.

Creator, Rojina McDonald said people have always known about the Barossa Valley as it gets plenty of attention but the Fleurieu gets much less focus but it deserves so much more.

"Maggie Beer made the Barossa famous and everyone that knows Maggie Beer knows the Barossa but I think that the Fleurieu has so much to offer."

"Sitting next to a guy on a plane once, coming back from Brisbane. We asked is this your first time coming to Adelaide and he said yes, so I asked him where he was going and he said oh the Barossa Valley but when I asked him about the Fleurieu he was like, 'where?'"

Talking about peoples reactions to the first book Rojina said people have been excited to see their faces and people whose faces they know in the book. 

Many people have been using the book as a way to show other people about the area and what it is all about.

Despite the success the book has now had, when working on the book Rojina was knocked back from many supporters and getting funding was incredibly hard - eventually a large portion of the money needed was raised through a fundraising website and the book was eventually sent to print.

On top of the financial struggle Rojina also needed to work her usual job and look after her son. 

However, thanks to the team behind her, Rojina was able to get the book over the line and enabled the dream of a second book to become tangible.

On top of this success a production company are now looking at turning the book into a TV series.

If confirmed the show would look further into the recipes which are featured in the book and give people a behind the scenes look at how they are created.

Since the first book printed it has sold 2000 copies and is being stocked right across South Australia including the airport, Dymocks stores and more recently a specialty store over in Dubai.

You can keep up to date on everything regarding the books via the Soul Publishing Facebook page.