Willunga Market reducing waste

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Overuse of plastic has become a real issue. Supermarkets are filled with fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic, and this is just one of many examples we see everyday.

The team at Willunga Farmers Market have been working to reduce waste at the market over the past two years with support from the City of Onkaparinga and local business, Peats Soil.

A BiobiN has been on site at the market since September, 2017. BiobiN is a clean and simple solution to managing organic and wet materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The BiobiN minimises odour, decreases waste collection and reduces greenhouse gas emission. 

The BiobiN has halved the amount of landfill waste from the market and allows the composting process start on site.

Local community groups, such as Cinemallunga, have also been able to make use of the market's BiobiN, further reducing the amount of landfill from events held in Willunga. 

Reducing single use plastics is next on the list at the market with a new, stricter policy for stall holders coming into effect over the next few months.

From May 1, all stall holders will promote and offer compostable produce barrier bags, carry bags, coffee/drink cups, cutlery and straws as an alternative to their current stock if non-compostable.

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From August, all stall holders will use and offer these compostable items exclusively. Low density poly bags, punnets and meat packaging will be reviewed in the future.

Many of the stall holders at Willunga Farmers Market already comply with the policy and offer compostable produce bags, produced locally by Adelaide company BioBag World Australia.

Willunga Farmers Market purchase the bags in bulk to keep the cost down for stallholders.

Breakfast stall Crepe City have always been plastic free, whilst long-term stall holder, Harvest the Fleurieu from Mt Compass have recently made the switch to support the new policy.

They have replaced pre-wrapped/packaged items with loose trays of their seasonal fruit and vegetables.

How can customers help?

Willunga Farmers Market encourages shoppers to bring along their own reusable coffee mug or purchase a "Keep Cup" from their information stall and to bring along their own reusable produce/shopping bags.

Excess reusable shopping bags can be donated to the farmers market 'bag bank' and customers that forget to bring their own shopping bags can borrow from the 'bag bank' at no charge and return next time they visit.

The market is also calling for more volunteers. The next volunteer induction is on Friday, April 12 at the The Hub, Willunga at 10am. 

Contact manager@willungafarmersmarket.com.au or phone 8556 4297 to secure your place.