City of Victor Harbor CEO Victoria MacKirdy updates the community on controversial development

COUNCIL VIEW: City of Victor Harbor CEO Victoria MacKirdy at Swains Crossing.

COUNCIL VIEW: City of Victor Harbor CEO Victoria MacKirdy at Swains Crossing.

There has been significant local community interest regarding recent developments relating to the Crozier Hill Estate land division.

On behalf of the City of Victor Harbor I want to update the community on current actions being taken to resolve issues raised and to reaffirm council's commitment to finding a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.

This is a long-standing and complex matter that dates back more than 20 years and spans a number of administrations.

Since I commenced as the City of Victor Harbor's Chief Executive Officer in 2018, I have met with and listened to concerned residents and other stakeholders in relation to the Crozier Hill Estate.

As a result of these discussions and because of the foreshadowing of compensation claims, I have referred the matter to the Local Government Association Mutual Liability Scheme (LGAMLS) for further investigation and to recommend a course of action. The role of the LGAMLS is to manage and service the insurance and risk management needs of all councils in South Australia.

This investigation is being undertaken independently of council by respected barrister, Mr Andrew Harris QC, on behalf of the LGAMLS and represents the most appropriate avenue for the City of Victor Harbor to understand its role and responsibilities in this matter.

Since this action has been implemented, we have received a very significant amount of documentation from a range of stakeholders, which is perfectly understandable given the long and complex nature of this matter.

We have been advised it will take some time for those acting on behalf of the LGAMLS to undertake their confidential investigation and review all of the information provided and to recommend the next steps.

However, it is important that we properly review and understand historical events so we can have confidence in the outcome. This process will enable a principled position to be taken by the LGAMLS on behalf of the council in relation to those foreshadowed claims for compensation. This process will also assist council more generally to learn from the results of the examination of the history of the Crozier Hill Estate development and plan for the future accordingly.

If a decision is made that some compensation will be offered to affected persons then any such compensation would be paid by the council's insurer the Mutual Liability Scheme, not council itself.

I can assure you the council, like the community it serves, is seeking proper resolution of the issues raised. We understand there are many community members eagerly awaiting an outcome on this matter and I thank them for their patience and understanding as 20 years of materials are thoroughly reviewed.

I have made a commitment to both the council and community to achieve a resolution in relation to this matter in order to move forward.