Women standing for the seat of Mayo at this Federal election

I don't know about all of you, but seeing the coreflutes go up last week made me feel a little queasy.

Four elections in fourteen months will do that to a community, I reckon.

And elections are not like they used to be.

I mean, they've always been nasty, but I think they are more divisive now than ever before.

Pollies have mastered the art of manipulation and obfuscation, and social media has given them even less incentive to be honest and genuine.

So the thought of having to see posters on every pole in Mayo for the next six weeks made me want to crawl into a hole and gouge my eyes out.

But you know what has buoyed my hopes this time?

For once, we have a ticket full of women that we can choose between.

For once, it isn't a parade of privileged white blokes in checked-shirts with ill-fitting ties. Thank you, election gods.

In 2018, when I ran in the state election, there was a candidate forum in Victor where a local asked the panel a question about its 100% male make-up.

Remarkably, the response to that great question from one panelist was that it didn't matter - that equality had already been achieved.

Of course the statistics tell us otherwise, and our parliament houses all over the country are filled with grumpy old men.

On that day, I bemoaned the testosterone-filled ticket, and expressed by desire to see a more diverse field going forward.

For truly, we are better when a diverse group presents themselves in an election.

And in this macho, competitive, my-dad-is-tougher-than-your-dad political landscape, having strong, accomplished women on the ballot is fantastic.

Now let's just hope that on May 18, Australians find a way to send some of these women to Canberra.