David Basham backs freight bypass for Middleton

Coastal Bypass: David Basham is backing the establishment of a freight bypass for the South Coast.
Coastal Bypass: David Basham is backing the establishment of a freight bypass for the South Coast.

Member for Finniss David Basham says he backs calls for the establishment of a freight corridor bypass, which would see traffic flow around the township of Middleton.

"Since long before I was elected I've considered the section of Port Elliot Road, between the intersections of Waterport Road and Flagstaff Hill Road and including Middleton's main street, to be a problem for our region," Mr Basham said. He described Middleton as a bottleneck between Victor Harbor and Goolwa, a view mirrored by residents who are concerned over increased traffic and the proposal before Alexandrina Council which if passed, would result in an upgrade to the Flagstaff Hill Road/Airport Road intersection, allowing B-double trucks to access Middleton's Main Street.

"During long weekends and holiday periods, the main street can be extremely congested and motorists seeking to turn right from Flagstaff Hill Road onto Port Elliot Road can face a very long wait," Mr Basham said.

"If for any reason the road between Waterport Road and Flagstaff Hill Road is closed the nearest way around is via Mount Compass, an extremely long detour."

A simple solution to the problem proposed by Mr Basham is a new road. This road would start from the intersection of Airport Road and Flagstaff Hill Road in Middleton and link up with Waterport Road past the Hill Street intersection. The route would make use of some existing dirt roads and would also require the construction of some new road on what is now private property.

"The long-term benefits to our community would be considerable. It would provide a dedicated freight corridor, removing trucks and semi-trailers from the current coastal road, and also provide a suitable route for 25-metre B-double vehicles without the need for them to travel through Middleton or Port Elliot. I've raised this matter with Alexandrina Council and Stephan Knoll, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. I look forward to working with them to progress the proposal."

Mr Basham said the establishment of such a road would effectively create an alternative transport corridor for the South Coast and also significantly ease congestion during busy holiday periods.

As well as this, it would ensure there is a nearby alternative route should the main road be closed for any reason, such as an accident or maintenance works.