Push for recycling plant in the south

Will it happen: Councils are calling for a new recycling plant to be built in the south Photo: City of Onkaparinga.
Will it happen: Councils are calling for a new recycling plant to be built in the south Photo: City of Onkaparinga.

The Southern Region Waste Resource Authority (a joint subsidiary of three southern suburb Councils) have put out a call to the government to help fund a new recycling plant which would be located at Seaford Heights.

The Councils which make up the SRWRA, Holdfast Bay, Marion and Onkaparinga have expressed an interest in this project in response to China's ban on contaminated recycling imports and because the plant would help stimulate local economic growth. Prior to the election Chairman of SRWRA, Mark Booth, called on local federal election candidates to make a commitment to investing in local recycling and a circular economy for the southern Adelaide communities.

"The operation of the MRF creates the opportunity to stimulate local economic growth through the creation of new industry to re-use, re-purpose and recycle the recovered resources," said Mr Booth.

"I've written to the candidates of Boothby, Kingston and Mayo to help secure funding, including a $5 million contribution towards the construction of the $21 million plant and $5 million for an economic development fund to support the attraction and co-location of compatible circular economy industries to the SRWRA site." Mr Booth also noted that the facility would cree up to 37 full-time equivalent jobs and process approximately 60,000 tonnes of product per annum. Due to China no longer accepting waste recyclable waste collected in the area is taken to a VISY site in South Australia or the SKM site which is located in Victoria, this has resulted in a price hike. A new plant in Seaford Heights may help control price and where the recycled materials end up. City of Onkaparinga Mayor, Erin Thompson said that the it (the lack of local recycling plant) is a complex problem that requires all tiers of government to work together and find a positive, long-term solution.

"The Southern Region Waste Resource Authority's proposed material recycling facility is a great example of local councils working collaboratively to deliver major benefits to the local environment and economy." The SRWRA will continue to put pressure on both State and Federal Governments in the hope of securing grants to build an efficient recycling plant.