Victor Harbor entertainer Dean Bird has a deep love for music and lending a hand

STRUMMING A TUNE: The talent of Dean Bird is well known around the Fleurieu. To find out more about Dean Bird the entertainer, visit
STRUMMING A TUNE: The talent of Dean Bird is well known around the Fleurieu. To find out more about Dean Bird the entertainer, visit

Local entertainer Dean Bird is a talented performer with an amazing background in music, but his life has taken many twists and turns as he's experienced so many different areas of employment over the years.

From a silk screen printer, bank clerk, laboratory assistant, journalist, radio presenter, media sales representative and even working in the transport area of a bakery, Dean has never lost his love and passion for music and to this day apart from family, it is his love in life.

Through Dean's great love of music, he has achieved so much. He picked up his first guitar at the age of eight and at 10 he began teaching himself music on a guitar that he had saved to buy.

His first official guitar lesson was at the Norwood Oval with Col Joye and he has remained in contact with this music legend since that first meeting. During his teens, he formed and played in various high school bands and began writing rock, pop and folk songs at 14.

From the weekend, garage practice jam sessions with a few mates, Dean progressed to performing in various bands around Adelaide including The Scene, Big Daddys, Twenty Plus Club, Fiesta Villa, the Norwood Town Hall and Sam's at the popular Redleg's club.

Dean appeared regularly on television programs like Adelaide Tonight, Countdown, Hey Hey it's Saturday, Here's Humphrey, The Country Hour and numerous television telethons from the late 1960's.

"Music is in my blood and a true labor of love. My wife Lynda is always so supportive. She is the backbone of what I do in every area of my life," Dean said.

The first group that Dean performed was his 'garage group', Mo Hill and His Rejects, a title that puts a smile on his face. The first song that he wrote and performed in front of an audience was 'Penguin's fish club', perhaps not one that reached the top of the charts, but certainly one that he performed so successfully that it gave him his break when filling in as a rhythm guitarist during the 60's.

His support act appearances from the early 90's included The Fureys, and Davey Arthur, Foster and Allen, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Freddie and the Dreamers, Judith Durham and Slim Dusty. Dean performed at various rock, pop and folk festivals and even made appearances in Ireland.

Both Dean and Lynda are volunteers at numerous functions and are valued members of the community.

There is another side to Dean Bird. He fund raises for various causes, including the national body of 'Bully Zero Foundation' an organisation that works to help reduce bullying in schools, work places, online and in communities.

Dean is a versatile entertainer; but there is so much more to this mild mannered, true gentleman. He is currently writing four books including a children's book, a collection of his own poems and lyrics, a short story book, his biography and of course there's his new CD titled 'Encounter Waters', which will be released in July this year.