Local airbrush artist goes global

Torrens Vale artist Joseph Gonzalez has recently had his airbrush artwork featured in international publications in the UK and US.

Torrens Vale artist Joseph Gonzalez has recently had his airbrush artwork featured in international publications in the UK and US.

Local artist Joseph Gonzalez, has gone from strength to strength after falling in love with the art of airbrushing.

Only three years ago, Joseph purchased an airbrush kit for his daughter's school project.

Little did he know when setting it up, he would soon develop a passion for the art form which has since seen him win international acclaim for his work.

"Once I set up the kit for my daughter Lily, I got addicted," he said. "I have painted non-stop since, with over 500 paintings to date."

Completely self-taught, Joseph began selling his artwork at local galleries and community events, while honing his craft "through making mistakes and experimenting with the medium."

He has recently had his work featured in international magazines, including Kustom Graphics in the United Kingdom, Airbrush Action Magazine and Airbrush The Magazine in the USA, featuring 100 world airbrush artists.

"I still have lots to learn and I'm very privileged to appear in these international publications with other talented artists," said Joseph.

Discussing the art form, Joseph said he enjoys the freedom that airbrushing affords him as an artist.

"The airbrush looks like a pen with a cup on top where you add paint to it, press the trigger down for air and back for paint. The further you pull the trigger back, the wider the paint comes out.

"I love using the airbrush because it gives me the freedom to use it like a pencil with very thin lines and the ability to create large backgrounds at a pull of the trigger.

"My favourite style at the moment is 'form meets chaos', where I mix abstract elements and realism with the airbrush."

The response from the local community to Joseph's artwork has continued to grow.

"There is no other airbrush artist in my area that I know and people are amazed at the detail I can achieve," he said.

"One of the things that stands out with my artwork is that it's unique, original and creative. I love to experiment and paint on different surfaces, including thick bark, wood, feathers, helmets, tanks, synthetic paper, cloth, canvas and plan to keep pushing the limit on being diverse."

Joseph said the recognition and positive feedback towards his work has inspired him to continue pushing boundaries.

"I get a lot of positive comments on social media from some of the greatest airbrush artists in the world about my work.

"Being different is the key I believe, having my artwork recognised internationally with only three years under my belt inspires me to keep pushing creative boundaries and keep being productive."

Joseph hopes to sell more of his artwork in galleries and online, and is looking towards teaching and sharing airbrush techniques with a wider audience in the future.

You can view some of Joseph's artwork at www.appalive.com.au or www.facebook.com/appalive/