Stolen money

Last Friday the 31st I had $1800.00 stolen from my house.

If people who steal realise the misery they cause they would think twice before they steal.

With a husband, who has just gone into care and our beautiful dog now staying at the vets very sick, I wonder how I am going to get through this.

Shame on you.

Gwen Ellul, Encounter Bay

Web Words

There hot topic on The Times Facebook page this week was a state government proposal which would see children needing to be immunised or be exempt for medical reasons if they were to attend early childhood care. Take a look at a pick of the comments below.

Child immunisation up for discussion

Ellen Sanders: Yes, vaccinations for children should be MANDATORY unless they have a severe allergy to what is in the vaccination or an immune disorder which would make it dangerous to have the vaccination.No ifs, no buts. Vaccination saves lives.

Sandi McKenzie: Sorry to ones that don't vaccinate (totally understand parents choice) but I believe in vaccinations. This topic was full on 25yrs ago when my daughter started vaccinations. I weighed up the risks and to me it was worth it.

Steve Nicholls: Is this becoming a communist state freedom of choice wheres it going.

Lois Hannagan: Common sense should tell you that vaccination is important to protect those who can't be, either due to their tender age or a medical reason. This is called "herd immunity' and it's important. The right to Freedom of Choice is fine as long as it doesn't impinge on my right and the right of my family to be protected from preventable diseases. So yes, exclusion is the right thing to do if people won't vaccinate their children unless they fit into the category mentioned above.

Wayne Hobbs: The medical evidence is clear. Immunisation significantly prevents children from getting and or transmitting bugs. Small risk factors acknowledged but 99.9% safe is good.