Horoscopes: week beginning July 14

Horoscopes: week beginning July 14

ARIES: The promise of January 9-19 blossoms into reality during the next two months. The closer you draw to August 11, the closer you are to happy circumstances bringing a wonderful event related to romance, a child, educational achievement, legal success, a holiday, overseas travel, or the recognition of talent. Trends are emphasised over the coming two months.

TAURUS: Money flows around you during July and August as something for which you've been planning since January comes to pass. Taurean natives have the financial resources to achieve their objectives during this time, particularly following August 11 when all impediments fall by the wayside. These trends were temporarily delayed after April 11. Expect positive developments on July 24-27, August 6-10, 21, 22.

GEMINI: Wonderful influences are operating in your sector of marriage and partnerships during July and August, bringing happiness into your life via these avenues. The relaxed and easy-going conditions are also great for meeting new people and expanding your horizons. July 24-27, August 6-10, 21, 22 bring out the best of these trends.

CANCER: Something for which you've been waiting over the past seven or eight months is set to take you to new heights of achievement during July and August. Education opportunities and success, travel, legal gains, better working conditions and improving health all play a magnificent role in your life. Best days are July 24-27, August 6-10, 21, 22.

LEO: During the coming two months, you are hitting the heights and experiencing exuberant feelings as a consequence of trends that were active during January. Fabulous conditions exist for romance, a child, a hobby, or simply enjoying the best life has to offer, especially on July 24-27, August 6-10, 21, 22. Expanding families and lucky conditions dominate events.

VIRGO: The two months of which August 11 is the centre bring joyous conditions to your home and family life. Better living conditions, a move to a larger or more luxurious residence, or simply the achievement of an objective related to home, property or a family member will give you cause to celebrate. Utilise July 24-27, August 6-10, 21, 22 to your advantage.

LIBRA: Your plans are all coming together during July and August, as January's expectations take shape. There's nothing that can dampen your mood under these trends as even the simplest facets of life are buoyed by the goodness of life. A new car, better travelling conditions, short trips, or a fancy communication gadget will make life easy.

SCORPIO: The money is flowing rapidly and prolifically around you during July and August, just as you anticipated during January 9-19. This is great for profits, a pay rise, new job, or even a lucky break. The peak of these trends is focused on August 11, after which the full torrent of good fortune is unleashed.

SAGITTARIUS: You are probably at your happiest in twelve years during 2007, with a slice of premium time being savoured during July and August. Domestic conditions, property matters, family, and personal influences play an important role in your state of mind and the positive conditions that surround you.

CAPRICORN: Freedom is a wonderful thing and looks like you'll be using yours to escape from the pressures of daily life, and to find ways to improve your state of wellbeing. You've been hoping for much of what is about to happen during the next two months since early January. Best days are July 24-27, August 6-10, 21, 22.

AQUARIUS: Everyone deserves a break and you are standing at the doorstep of yours. During July and August Aquarians will achieve an important personal objective and will be celebrating as a result, as you've been waiting some time for these things to eventuate. There's extra cash coming your way, which will help enormously.

PISCES: July and August bring you to a pinnacle of success and opportunity related to a career or business matter, something towards which the crescendo has been building since early January. You're sure to be kicking up your heels to celebrate as a better and easier lifestyle results from your successes. August 11 is a key turning point.

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