Letters to the editor 11/07/19

Primo Pic of the week: This week's winner of a $20 voucher for Cafe Primo Victor Harbor is John Dunbar of Normanville for his shot taken from the Forktree Brewery, Carrackalinga, looking over Yankalilla Bay.
Primo Pic of the week: This week's winner of a $20 voucher for Cafe Primo Victor Harbor is John Dunbar of Normanville for his shot taken from the Forktree Brewery, Carrackalinga, looking over Yankalilla Bay.


As residents living across North Tce from this development we wish to register a protest at this development being allowed to go ahead.

We spoke at the planning meeting at Council and the issues raised there remain exactly the same now. The proposal is non - complying as a commercial development in a residential zone.

We find it offensive the owner bought the property knowing it was in a residential zone but has only ever proposed plans involving commercial building.

In the planning meeting council officers created a fictitious new zoning called transitional which doesn't exist in Port Elliot's zoning definitions.

On top of this is the building density is disproportionate to the streetscape and entrance to the town. A single residence and tennis court are being replaced with 6 tenancies with an opportunity to add another 2 buildings at the back at a later date. This is a 600 to 800% increase in density which is not the marginal increase that council regulations allow.

The 4 two storey buildings do not match any other buildings in the vicinity other than the historic building "Arnella". This should not be seen as a precedent as in the 1997 Master Plan for Port Elliot only the historic buildings were to be 2 storey so they stood out against the single storey domestic architecture.

We are distressed that Alexandrina Council approved such an inappropriate development and feel it reflects their insensitivity to the character of the individual towns in their council area. The people of Pt Elliot live in an historic town and wish to retain that character. The council are setting a precedent for further non complying development to the entrance of our town.

Michael Smerd and Denise Darling, Port Elliot

Protein is not just in meat!

I could not believe my ears when I heard the CEO of the Australian Meat and Livestock Industry intimate on the media, that proteins could only be accessed by eating meat! For too long this industry has continued to distort the truth for their own financial gains!

More to the point, they don't tell the rest of the story: that meat-eaters are more likely to die younger than their plant-eating counterparts. Colin and Thomas Campbell in The China Study, have condensed the research in hundreds of scientific papers and have clearly demonstrated, that the more meat we eat, the more heart disease, cancer, diabetes and auto-immune diseases we are likely to get.

The good news is, that if we turn to protein-rich plant-foods, we can not only live longer, but lead more productive and happier lives. It would be good if the medical professionals would tell us about this! But unfortunately, the bottom line is the world has become driven on the basis of greed, not need!

Brian Gaull, Victor Harbor


All Business Managers, become a participant of the "Recycle at Participant Stores" campaign, if you sell items packaged in soft plastic. The packaging could go straight into your designated bin before we leave your premises, not into our blue bin which goes to landfill.

Jann Aldridge, Encounter Bay

Fortnightly waste collection

I am not so much concerned with the fortnightly waste collection service as I am with the method by which the decision was made. It is my understanding that a survey was conducted which clearly showed that a majority of Victor Harbor ratepayers did not support fortnightly waste collection. Yet the Council went ahead and changed the service anyway. This indicates that even before undertaking the survey, the Council had decided to change the service anyway. So, why undertake the survey? If the Council was determined to reduce the waste service, it should have simply announced its decision, rather than embark on the pointless and cynical exercise of seeking our opinion, only for it to be disregarded. Surveys such as these are a waste of ratepayer's money and a meaningless attempt at consultation.

Carolyn B Mathews, Hindmarsh Valley

Hate Speech

Freedom of speech has been and will continue to be of benefit to our modern society. Nevertheless, checks and balances must be applied to speakers especially those with a high public profile and extensive media access like rugby superstar Israel Folau. It is fine for Folau to say he is a Christian, but irresponsible for him to use his public profile to demonise non-believers, homosexuals, lesbians and others and dismisses them all by 'they are all going to hell'.

How bigoted is this language with no regard for its affect on developing young people and I have have always understood that God loved all people.

Glen Chenoweth, Goolwa North

Main Street Upgrades

What a joke. I would like to know which businesses if any, the Mayor interviewed in Northern Ocean street, who told her the development in the street had little or no impact on their business. I wish she could sit here through the noise, which has been deafening at times. Things are far from normal, some businesses claim their income has dropped more than 50%, that is devastating. Access for gophers and walkers is really difficult. Certainly the street development has caused greater impact than promised. So Madam Mayor, will you put a proposition to your Council to compensate us by a reduction to our rates of the percentage of our losses over the period of the development?

Liz Cooper, Victor Harbor

Primo Pic

This week's winner is John Dunbar of Normanville for his shot entitled Winter Sunset Hills. It was taken from the Forktree Brewery, Carrackalinga, looking over Yankalilla Bay towards Rapid Head.

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