Council to review road naming process in Victor Harbor

City of Victor Harbor councillor Bryan Littlely who found some common ground in the discussion of road naming in and around Victor Harbor.
City of Victor Harbor councillor Bryan Littlely who found some common ground in the discussion of road naming in and around Victor Harbor.

A motion by City of Victor Harbor councillor Peter Charles that the list of persons nominated for Australia Day Awards including the honoured Victor Harbor Citizen of the Year all have their 'Family Names' recorded and set aside for future use for the naming or renaming of new streets, reserves, playgrounds, public buildings, and other community facilities was defeated.

But it was the catalyst for elected members to support a review of the council's road naming policy.

Councillor Bryan Littlely and seconded by councillor Carol Schofield moved that the Road Naming Policy be reviewed with consideration to the inclusion of Australia Day Award recipients in Council's Nomenclature Listing. This motion was successful.

Nomenclature is a system of names or terms.

"In the years that I have been on council, I have personally witnessed the difficulty which the selection committee endure to separate the worthiest person to receive the principal award from a list of the districts finest and generally most selfless people," Cr Charles said.

"I believe that because a single choice must be made that other outstanding people are not recognised when perhaps in another year, another selection committee it would be, they, who take out the accolade.

"I believe that every one of our previous citizens of the year would all agree with me that others nominated selected and approved by the committee should be recognised as well. What do elected members recommend, do you feel as I do, that many are not suitably recognised for in many cases a lifetime of commitment to the community and that public recognition in this manner costs nothing, but truly means so much?"

Councillor Peter Charles.

Councillor Peter Charles.

The current City of Victor Harbor policy provides for road or place names to be taken from the following sources: Aboriginal names taken from the local Aboriginal language; Early explorers, pioneers, and settlers; Eminent persons; . Local history; Thematic names such as flora, fauna, ships etc; War/casualty lists; and Commemorative names.

City of Victor Harbor spokesperson said persons nominated for Australia Day Awards may meet the criteria of 'Eminent persons' and are famous and respected within a particular sphere.

"However, the policy also states that "Names should be selected so as to be appropriate to the physical, historical or cultural character of the areas concerned' and that 'names of living persons should be avoided'," spokesperson said.

The Nomenclature List currently has 212 approved names and property developers may also submit their own names to provide for a consistent theme throughout a subdivision.