Mid Coast fishermen have been spoilt with the latest Salmon run

What a catch: An Australian Salmon caught by local fisherman Darren McPhail. Photo: Darren McPhail.

What a catch: An Australian Salmon caught by local fisherman Darren McPhail. Photo: Darren McPhail.

Western Australian Salmon are schooling along the Mid Coast in huge numbers proving to be one of the best seasons in recent years.

Large numbers of images have been plastered all over Facebook pages and groups in recent weeks as Western Australian Salmon have begun to travel through the area, giving locals the perfect chance to 'wet a line'.

James Brown who runs Fishing Wholesalers in Lonsdale said the run of fish has been a great boost to business and besides the regular fishermen, people that have never caught Western Australian Salmon had also been coming through his store, looking for advice on how to catch them.

"In recent years the salmon runs have started late with the sizes of the fish being smaller and also further out to sea," he said.

"The guys in boats have been able to get them but those beach based missed out."

Mr Brown added that this seasons salmon on the Mid Coast have measured up to 3.2 kilograms and were being caught off a variety of both bait and lures.

Dr Jason Earl, a Research Scientist with the South Australian Research and Development Institute, said that Western Australia Salmon are a very popular sports fish, particularly at the moment with the rough weather bringing schools closer to shore where they are easily accessible to recreational anglers.

"There is a perception amongst consumers that Australian salmon aren't great to eat, but if you take good care of them and eat them fresh, they are delicious."

Explaining that once caught Australian Salmon need to be dispatched/killed quickly, before being bled to avoid their fillets taking on a poor taste.

"They are a really unique species. There are two stocks of Australian Salmon in Australia; Western Australian Salmon and Eastern Australian Salmon.

"Western Australian Salmon are the main species we get here in South Australia.

"In Autumn, the adults aggregate off the south-west coast of Western Australia to lay their eggs, the eggs and larvae then drift eastwards to nursery areas in western Tasmania, VIctoria and South Australia, where they remain for the first 3-4 years of their life before migrating back to Western Australia as adults," he said.

Dr Earl added that this puts SA in an interesting position, where the fish being caught along the Mid and South coasts are mostly juveniles or young adults.

Legal limits for Australian Salmon in South Australia are 20 fish per day between 21 and 35 centimetres and 10 fish per day over 35 centimetres.

According to Fishes of Australia, Australian Salmon have been known to grow up to 100 centimetres and 10.5 kilograms.

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