Stately homes in discussion

Anthony Russell.

Anthony Russell.

There is a new interest in English stately homes, with much of it due to the popularity of the British TV series, Downton Abbey.

Britain possesses some of the finest stately homes in the world, and cultural historian Anthony Russell will describe some of the best when he visits Victor Harbor next month.

Mr Russell will speak at the Australian Decorative Fine Art Society (ADFAS) Fleurieu meeting at the Gospel Centre.

A cultural historian, writer and artist, Mr Russell has spent six years as a consultant advising on the furniture needs of prestigious buildings throughout Britain, including museums, palaces and cathedrals.

Now based in London, he spends much of his time assisting at the British Museum with outreach events and visiting lecturers.

He will show some magnificent examples of stately home grandeur and consider the impact they had on society and how they will survive in the future.

The Fleurieu ADFAS branch organises social gatherings for people to listen to a variety of lecturers from Australia and the UK.

Experts in their field speak on interesting topics related to art, architecture, history and more.

'The Power and Glory of England's Country Houses: Evolution and Changing Role' will be presented on September 2 at 10.30am.

The talk will be preceded by morning tea from 9.45am.

Non-members can attend two lectures a year for $25 per lecture. Payment at the door. No credit cards facility.

Non-members wishing to attend can call Brian Tuffin on 8554 3029