Chooks scratch up a win in close battle with Bays

Hard fought: Strathalbyn's Ethan Bell and Encounter Bay's Hamish Tonkin fight tooth and nail for possession of the football.
Hard fought: Strathalbyn's Ethan Bell and Encounter Bay's Hamish Tonkin fight tooth and nail for possession of the football.

With arm chair experts and local footy fanatics in attendance, round seventeen's battle for premiership points commenced at the Bay.

The argie-bargie started with ferocious tackling. Callum Tonkin, sprung into action tapping the ball forward to Bonnes for the Eagles, who speared a grass cutter to Marshall, slotting his first goal for the day.

Minutes later Strath responded through Simounds with a long bomb. The scrap continued with Taggart (Bays) forcing the ball forward to Crispin and onto Marshall for a running check-side goal and his second.

Barrett gathered a C. Tonkin special and drilled one from 50 metres. Price for the Roosters, exploded out of the middle and at speed and kicked a running goal midway through the quarter and then combined well with Elliot in the goal square to add another to Strath's tally.

The quarter ended with Bays sitting at 3.1 and Strathalbyn 4.1. The boys sprinted to their respective huddles, their pluck undaunted and their courage fiery hot, itching to go again.

Despite Tonkin's domination of the ruck for the Bays, Strath held sway in the second, with Simound's piling on three goals, while Matchin and Price snapped another two. The Bays back-line were under siege and loose men seemed to be everywhere.

Up the other end, Karpany and Marshall added two for the Eagles. The siren sounded and the boys headed in for the halftime break, with Eagles 5.3 trailing Strathalbyn 9.1.

The intensity was fierce as the third quarter got underway and anyone game enough to have a crack was immediately under the pump. C. Tonkin, F. Tonkin, Bonnes and Taggart for the Bays got the ball forward early to Karpany and Marshall, who notched up another two for the Eagles.

Matchin crumbed another off the pack for the Roosters in the goal square to add their only major for the term. The Bays were right back in it, having dominated the quarter and the game was on a knife's edge at the final break, with Encounter Bay trailing 8.6 to Strath's 10.8.

The final quarter was unleashed with the pressure-cooker intensity continuing. It was no picnic for either side down back, with Wright and Clamp for the Roosters, and Roesler, Tonkin, and Bradford for the Bays battling fiercely.

A free in the goal square to Simound's was a gift to Strath and a knife in the heart for the Bays. Bell (Strath) rocketed a beauty to Simounds who took a specky, and drilled it from 40 metres to take his total to seven for the day.

Davis-Neale worked some of his magic to get the ball to Marshall who slotted his 60th goal of the season for the Bays.

The siren sounded, this time the chocolates and bragging rights fell to the Roosters,14.9 with the Eagles stuck with the boiled lollies 10.8 after a hard fought nail-biter.