Crows Fleurieu supporter group travel to Perth for AFL game

The Fleurieu Crows supporters group travelled to Perth to watch the match between the West Coast Eagles and their beloved Crows on Sunday, August 11.

The group of 46 members enjoyed the game and were proud of the boys.

The result was close - just 10 points - and that was without the skills and leadership of Crows co-captain Rory Sloane in the second half.

Optus Stadium was also of interest to the group being new, large and modern, but it is hard to compare with the Adelaide Oval which is picturesque, central and surrounded by parkland.

Perth was a lovely city to visit with so much to see and enjoy.

The Fleurieu supporters had time to relax and explore the many points of interest, all in mild sunny weather.

Some of the group chose to leave a little earlier and others stayed longer to catch up with family and friends or holiday at their leisure.

So where to next year? The group are excited for another trip in 2020, but it will be hard to eclipse their stay in Perth.

For more information on the supporters group visit their website or contact them via email