Willunga make a point as Victor fall short

Match of the round: Another five goal bag to Victor forward Sam Basham was not enough to secure an away win against a firey Willunga.
Match of the round: Another five goal bag to Victor forward Sam Basham was not enough to secure an away win against a firey Willunga.

The predicted match of the round between Willunga and Victor certainly did not disappoint, producing a nail-biting finish, in one of the games of the season. With home finals on the line, both sides were hard at it from the get-go.

The home side Willunga opened in scintillating form. Bass dominated the ruck with Haskett mopping up, producing five clearances. The forwards did the rest, with Hoffman, Lee, Cook, Beath and Sam Renney all kicking accurately. The Demons' momentum slowed when Altus was concussed and carried off. Sam Basham kicked Victors first goal, on the run from a boundary throw in, with scores 5.1 to 1.2 at the first break.

Victor's woes continued when Willunga kicked the first two goals of the second quarter. Haskett, Miegel and Beath combined to get the ball to Cook who converted, and Lee kicked another. Victor dug deep. Mackay began to neutralise Bass' dominance, setting up a goal to Connors and kicking on himself. Schubert took the ball off hands and made it two in a row. At the fifteenth minute, Victor went end-to-end through Weetra who ran from the back pocket, gave to Ross to Fletcher to Wade to Davey then Basham who marked and goaled. Scott played an outstanding quarter for Willunga and intercepted Victor attacks. Lee kicked a goal for the Demons against the flow when Bass broke a tackle and handballed off. Victor got one straight back through Basham who gave to Fletcher, with their quick involvement outfoxing Willunga's. Victor were on the attack when the siren sounded, with scores 8.3 to 7.5.

The Premiership quarter was all Victor's, who continued their momentum, and by three-quarter-time had converted a six goal deficit into a four goal lead. Basham marked strongly and goaled at the one-minute mark, before kicking another from 55 metres. Willunga steadied when Nelson gave to Hutchens who goaled. A second Hutchens snap a minute later was marked on the line. Victor ran from defense and goaled once again through Fletcher. When Basham goaled at the ten-minute mark a Roo's victory seemed certain. Williams and Weetra combined to give to Schubert who hammered it home. A left foot snapped goal by Beath just before the final break brought Willunga back within four goals.

A Hunt mark and goal one minute into the final quarter gave Willunga hope. Davey was freed and restored Victor's lead within five minutes. Bass and Brown combined with Beath who goaled. Davey had the chance to get one back after brilliant end-to-end play, but his kick drifted offline. The next Willunga attack was saved by Basham who took a mark on his chest running back toward defensive goal. The last seven minutes belonged to Willunga with Bass and Haskett asserting their early dominance and Burdett providing important touch. This allowed the home side to lock the ball up forward. Nelson ran free and passed to Hoffman who goaled. Two behinds from Burdett and another rushed behind gave Willunga a one point lead when the final siren sounded. The final scores were 14.10 (94) to 14.9 (93).