Goolwa unveils new artwork in the form of The Cittaslow Friendship Seat

A new brightly-coloured feature has been added to the Goolwa landscape in the form of the Cittaslow Friendship Seat.

The seat has been created among the roses adjacent to the Cittaslow Corner, designed by local artists Barbary O'Brien and Mike Tye to illustrate Goolwa activities and features.

The seat is not only a brightly-coloured mosaic and stone artwork, but is highly functional as well.

It provides a safe and comfortable place to relax, join in discussion with friends, read, listen to music, or watch the passing parade.

The idea of a Friendship Seat is in keeping with the Cittaslow philosophy in that it is a striking example of the artistic creativity that exists in the Alexandrina area.

The artwork is an initiative of Cittaslow Goolwa and its construction has been supported by the Alexandrina Council and the Goolwa Lions.

The seat has a base of local stone and cement and is used as the foundation for the mosaic tiles depicting aspects of the area that make up the artwork.

The cutting and laying of the tiles was carried out by Cittaslow Goolwa volunteers and other community members, with further support from Alexandrina Council workers.

Many of the various tiles were donated by Beaumont Tiles and community members.

The Goolwa Friendship Seat will be launched by Alexandrina Council Mayor Keith Parkes on site at 11am on Thursday, September 26.

The regular Cittaslow At The Wharf events will be back from October 6 and 25, with the annual Smoke Off Festival to be held on November 3.