Langhorne Creek defeats Willunga in second semi final in Great Southern football

NO EASY BALL: It was tough going at Myponga Oval in the second semi final and Demon Matthew Ficken has Hawk Luke Cooper hunting his football.
NO EASY BALL: It was tough going at Myponga Oval in the second semi final and Demon Matthew Ficken has Hawk Luke Cooper hunting his football.

It was the smallest man on the ground who stood the tallest when it counted on Saturday in the second semi final between Langhorne Creek and Willunga at Myponga Oval.

Lachlan McGregor proved to be the difference in the final term when goals were hard to score all day.

The pocket rocket Hawk was unstoppable as he finished the match with five goals, including two sealing majors in the last. McGregor kicked half the team's score for the day.

The match was a tough, dire affair played in very wintry conditions with neither side being able to break free.

Considering the conditions, the match was played at a high skill level with any turnover being capitalised by their opponents. The margin was one point at quarter time, one point at half time and two points at three quarter time. Willunga led at each break, but it was the final siren the Demons needed their nose in front.

In the first term the defence of both teams was on top, but goals to Hunt, Hoffmann and Nelson had the Willunga Demons up and about.

The Hawks would not give in and scored majors through Mitch Cleggett, Matt Dominish and McGregor.

Derham as per usual was the mainstay of the Creek back half and James Collier and Paterson were rock solid for Willunga.

The second term was much the same as the first with both teams kicking two goals. Kellock and McGregor for the Hawks and Bass and Beath for Willunga.

At half time, the second semi final was anyone's and with only five goals on the board for both teams, it was going to be the team that found a focal point up front which would be the winner.

Perrey was leading by example for Langhorne Creek and this input did not stop in the third term. Perrey kept driving the ball forward and winning the hard ball.

Kellock, Arbon, Matt Dominish and Walkom were fighting for very touch, but Beath, Tregenza, Lee, Altus and Hutchens were just as good around the stoppages.

It was a clash of two very even teams with each team only kicking one goal apiece for the third term.

The last term was a beauty as both teams needed to attack to win the game. It opened up and this is where the work of Perrey came to fruition. His work rate was rewarded with a goal and then he set up another for McGregor.

Kellock goaled and the Hawks looked as if they were going to take the game away and move into the grand final. The Demons, like the great side they are, responded with goals to Billy Cook and Hunt.

Then it was time for the star to shine and McGregor was it. He slotted two goals for the Hawks to grab the lead and the victory. Langhorne Creek won 10-3 to Willunga 8-6.