University of the Third Age (U3A) South Coast volunteers leader lauded at lunch at Goolwa

Nearly 50 group leaders of the University of the Third Age (U3A) South Coast gathered at the Goolwa Hotel on Thursday, September 5 for a thank you luncheon.

President Dr Sue Gelade said she was proud of the group's quality and variety.

"U3A is only as good as the quality of the courses its members can offer. We presently have seven different language groups teaching French, Italian, German and even Latin, plus five book groups, three music appreciation groups, gardening, photography, philosophy, history and lots of others," Dr Gelade said.

U3A is an organisation designed for people generally over 50 years, retired or not working full-time.

Its aim is to offer a combination of opportunities to study, create and socialise, which contributes greatly to members' overall health and well-being.

Dr Gelade thanked the group leaders for their work and dedication to the organisation.

"Older people have had busy working lives, brought up families and now finally have the time to spend on themselves," she said.

"South Coast U3A currently has around 400 members, which proves you are never too old to engage with learning at an informal level and have fun in the process."

U3A South Coast offers other activities alongside the groups, including occasional film screenings and regular afternoon presentations given by a variety of speakers on a diversity of subjects, most of which are likely to appeal to members' third age audiences and interests.

"Given our philosophy of encouraging lifelong learning, our U3A aims to provide a safe, stimulating and social environment for brains that like to be active alongside like-minded folk."