Fundraiser for our local chaplains

A fundraiser for the local public school chaplains successfully raised over $3500 on Sunday, September 29.

Over 200 people were entertained by the Music for Your Pleasure Singers, who presented a delightful program of songs from a variety of well known musicals and then the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta 'Trial by Jury' at Newland Uniting Church.

Everyone present enjoyed the singing and laughed at the humour performed by the group.

John Turner emceed the event, and during interval he and South Coast Schools Ministry Support Group (SCSMG)chairman Graeme Leske drew the four tickets for the door prizes.

Fortunately the winner, sitting in the gallery, was young and fit and able to run down and collect his prize.

At the conclusion of the show all players were presented with a small gift of home made biscuits and rocky road chocolate. The SCSMG thanked everyone who supported the school chaplains by attending.

The committee is holding a quiz night at 7pm on Friday, October 25 at the Fleurieu Family Church in Port Elliot. Bookings to Roxanne Venner at or on 0409 698 937.