Normanville's Jetty Caravan Park will not house eco-structures ('glamping' tents)

The push-and-pull between councillors to have 'glamping' tents installed at Normanville's Jetty Caravan Park continued at the District Council of Yankalilla's September meeting.

Councillor Ruth Trigg put forward a motion to revoke the previous resolution from the August meeting, which had approved the installation of the eco-structures at the park. The decision was made to add the project back to the list after it was scrapped from the 2019-20 budget through consultation.

This decision was made by a less-than-full elected member body, with three councillors absent, and many community members in the gallery voiced their dismay.

At the September meeting, Cr Trigg urged the council to listen to ratepayers and reverse the decision to "restore trust in community".

"We are creating top-down decision making and that's not respecting the community," she said.

"It should be open consultation."

She said the council should wait until the upcoming Jetty Caravan Park master plan was created before making new decisions for the site.

"We're pre-empting the master plan process," she said.

Councillor Leon Zarins said he would prefer seeing the motion deferred to be included in the upcoming caravan park master plan, rather than reverse the decision altogether.

Councillor David Olsson was strongly against the rescission, saying he had not had any community members contact him about it.

"It's disappointing that a small part of the community is holding the council to ransom over a project in the caravan park," he said.

Councillor Simon Rothwell said the heavy debate around the eco-structures had made him look "more forensically" at their business plan, the structures themselves, and the process of the idea being brought to council.

"I believe I'm better informed by the investigation and I believe the business plan is solid. The structures are sound and the right fit for the Normanville Jetty Caravan Park," he said.

Councillor Peter O'Neil believed they would be a great addition to the park.

"The demand for accommodation is very high in this area and it's not just over Christmas. I think it would be positive income for the council," he said.

As the motion was put to elected members, mayor Glen Rowlands asked the gallery to "keep their cool" to avoid them shouting like what occurred after the last decision on the project was made.

After a vote, Cr Trigg's motion was carried, which meant the eco-structure project would not go ahead.

"I can't see why it can't be brought back in if there's huge support during the master plan consultation process," she said.