Fleurieu Community Foundation receives $3500 grant to fund development

Hard at work: The Fleurieu Community Foundation's board of directors volunteer their time to support the vulnerable across the region.
Hard at work: The Fleurieu Community Foundation's board of directors volunteer their time to support the vulnerable across the region.

The Fleurieu Community Foundation (FCF) has received a one off grant of $3500 from the Alexandrina Council, to go towards the administration costs associated with running the Foundation.

Founded in 2010, the FCF manages a number of community grant streams and individual awards that support a wide range of important causes across the Fleurieu region.

Since its inception nine years ago, the FCF has contributed more than $150,000 back into the community and aims to raise this contribution to nearly $60,000 per annum from 2020.

FCF spokesperson Brad Butler said the Foundation was thrilled to receive the funding which would help cover some of its costs.

"The funds from Alexandrina Council will go a small way toward supporting the work of the Fleurieu Community Foundation and covering administration costs of the Foundation without forcing the directors to eat into hard earned fundraising dollars and donations," said Mr Butler.

"Currently, the Fleurieu Community Foundation does not have huge administration costs, running very much on the smell of an oily rag.

"However, the volunteers on the board will certainly appreciate the support of Alexandrina Council and genuinely hope to lock other supporters and sponsors to improve the administration of the Foundation."

The FCF has relied solely on the volunteer hours contributed by its board of directors since 2014 and hopes to hire an administration officer to ensure its future development and growth.

Mr Butler presented a deputation to council in September on the work of the FCF and at their October meeting, Alexandrina councillors approved the one off contribution of $3500, as opposed to committing to an annual contribution, which was originally tabled.

Councillor Keily was one of five councillors in favour of approving the funding and said he believed the Foundation played an important role in the community.

"They have some wonderful programs, like the get back to school program," he said.

"I think they do fabulous work and do a wonderful job supporting a lot of people."

As 2020 approaches the FCF is embarking on a new and exciting era with several new funding projects to be launched.

In January 2020, the Foundation will partner with the Wyatt Trust to provide funding for the employment of an early intervention officer to work on the Fleurieu.

Currently, there is no government funding for such a position and the FCF and Wyatt Trust are stepping in to facilitate a two year pilot, which they hope will generate government interest.

This will only add to the Foundation's already successful portfolio which includes its Back to School Program, the Wally Bradley Award, the Florence Wilkins Award and the newly coined Val Ball Award, as well as an ongoing support for the region's homeless.