Bowls reports in the Great Southern Bowling Association

MATES: Winners of the Mens Monthly Pairs with Leonie Traeger from Hearing Australia - Peter Redden and Pat O'Connell at the Encounter Bay Bowling Club.
MATES: Winners of the Mens Monthly Pairs with Leonie Traeger from Hearing Australia - Peter Redden and Pat O'Connell at the Encounter Bay Bowling Club.
New Men's Pairs Champs: Port Elliot Bowling Club's Chris Monk & Jim Gamble

New Men's Pairs Champs: Port Elliot Bowling Club's Chris Monk & Jim Gamble

Winners of Ladies Super Pairs: Sandra Monk & Helen Edwards.

Winners of Ladies Super Pairs: Sandra Monk & Helen Edwards.

Encounter Bay Bowls

As usual the wind blew hard for the Men's Monthly Pairs. Sponsors of the day were Australian Hearing represented by Leonie Traeger. Winners of the first game were Trevor Isaacson and Barry Howard on 30 plus 12. Winners of the second game were J Gamble and G Edwards on 31 plus 9.

Overall second were Andy Seymour and John Cooper on 56 plus 4. Overall winners were Pat O'Connell and Peter Redden on 59 plus 25.

Nightowls, sponsored by the RAA/ Toop Motors, was attended by 99 bowlers. Scotch on the Rocks leads Div 1 with 98 points, A night on the Green have 94. In Div 2 Whalers are on 119 and Hi Five have 93 points. In Div 3 Mechanic Owls are on 110 and Moonlighters are on 97.

Windy, wet weather greeted bowlers for Thursday Ladies Pennants. Div 1 defeated Willunga 68-44 gaining 10 premiership points This puts them 2nd on the table. Cathy Clarke's team of Helen Williams, Brenda Osborne and Yvette Wells were very pleased to score an 8 and Jenny Collett's team also had a good win.

Div 2 werent so lucky going down to Aldinga Bay 57 - 38. They are currently 5th on the ladder.

Thursday Social Bowls winners were Barry Howard, Don Best and Roger Hutchinson on 31 plus 15, 2nd were Ian Warner, John Colligan and Les Gilbert on 30 plus 7.

Saturday Social was played in slightly better conditions and in 2nd place were Pat O'Connell and Joan Mann on 31 plus 9. The winners were Vicki Roberts and David Preedy on 33 plus 14.

Saturday Open Gender Pennants finally found pleasant weather! Div 1 defeated Clarendon 64-50 gaining 9 premiership points. Leo Staak, Barry Hamilton, Glenn Mann and Frank Bayley won their rink 31-11.

Div 2 Gold lost to McLarenvale 43-57 but gained 2 points They are now 7th on the table. Div 2 Blue defeated Victor Harbor 58-57 gaining 10 points. They are now 4th.

Div 4 defeated Willunga Red 64-46 gaining 12 points They are 2nd. All the rinks had good wins. Div 5 lost to Clarendon 52-78 They are now 5th on the table.

Super Triples winners at the Victor Harbor Bowling Club Eric Secomb, Max Davies and Nik Pippos.

Super Triples winners at the Victor Harbor Bowling Club Eric Secomb, Max Davies and Nik Pippos.

Victor Harbor Bowls

The Ladies Championship Fours has been decided. In a closely fought final, the team of Lyn Thatcher (Sk), Sue Wilkins, Shirley Koch and Annette Speed were just a little more consistent than the runners-up Oksana Elf (Sk), Connie McArdle, Lois Arthur and Sandra Nash. Well done, ladies.

In cold blustery conditions, the 'Power' were the winners at Night Owls. The 'West End boys' were not far behind and the 'Coasters' snuck in for third.

Victor ladies were much happier with their efforts in Thursday Pennant resulting in 2 wins and a tie. Div 1 travelled to McLaren Vale and were tied 60 shots each due to an outstanding effort from Shirley Koch's rink. Div 2 played Myponga at home and recorded a 21 shot win with all rinks up. They are well placed at the top of the ladder but there are a lot of matches to be played. Div 3 were away to Yankalilla and came home with a win due to some great bowling in Jan Pippos' rink and a narrow loss to Di Hoppo.

Super Triples yielded another surprising result with the team of Eric Secomb, Max Davies and Nik Pippos taking the chocolates. Second place went to Dennis Sheldon, Sonny Downes and Seby Consalvo separated on percentage from Ian Fuller, Dale Speck and Rob Wilkins. WOL went to John Brown, Ken Waller and Bob Vowles.

Victor teams were involved in several very close matches in Saturday Pennant. Div 1 Blue hosted McLaren Vale and, with Ernie Elf up by one shot and Peter O'Sullivan down by one, the result hinged on a 3 shot win to Len Basford's rink and a valuable 10 points.

Div 1 White were away to Yankalilla and gained only 2 points with a narrow win to Nik Pippos. Div 2 travelled to Encounter Bay and recorded a frustrating 1 shot loss despite a good win to John Koch. Incredibly, Div 3 suffered exactly the same result with a 1 shot loss to McLaren Vale at home. Creditable wins to Ian Sellars and Stuey Taylor were not quite enough to get them over the line. Div 5 looked comfortable against Strath at the tea break but eventually losing by 5 shots despite the rinks of Craig Jacobs and John Florance recording wins.

Social bowlers continue to enjoy the competitions on Saturday afternoons. If you want a game, ring the club between 9 and 10 Saturday morning or put your name down on the sheet. A good crowd enjoyed beautifully cooked meals last Friday night at the club.

Goolwa Bowling Club

Another mixed week for Club Pennant sides. Thursday started well for Div.1 side away to Port Elliot coming home with 11 points, but then it was more or less downhill from there. Div.2 picked up 4 points, I don't know what went wrong there, Div.3 only picked up 1 point a draw at Aldinga Bay.

Saturday OG Pennants - Div.1 away to Port Elliot gaining only 2 points. Div.2 black, home to Port Elliot resulting in only 2 points gained. Div.2 White home to Milang picking up 11 points. Div.3 away to Strathalbyn Red and Div.4 home to Yankalilla neither managing to pick up any points. Div.6 White away to Yankalilla picked up 12 points and Div.6 black was home to Aldinga Bay registering a well earned 10 points.

The very popular 3x8's attracted over 60 players, besides Goolwa members. Players from Reynella, Strathalbyn, Victor Harbor, Port Elliot, Yankalilla and Spalding. This week they were, on A green: J.Williams and S.Rolfe with +24, on B green the winning pair were R.Munn and C.Jacobs with +17, and on C green the winners were Dex Fuller and Jim Hutton with +9.

Victor Harbor Ladies Championship Fours winners - Annette Speed, Shirley Koch, Sue Wilkins and Lyn Thatcher.

Victor Harbor Ladies Championship Fours winners - Annette Speed, Shirley Koch, Sue Wilkins and Lyn Thatcher.

Port Elliot Bowling Club

A busy week at Port Elliot - On Sunday the Men's Pairs Championship final was played between Chris Monk/Jim Gamble and Michael Wenman/Ian McLeod. A good contest eventually won by Chris and Jim. Congratulations and well done!

Melbourne Cup Day was celebrated at the club with bowling fun, feast, sweeps and dress parades culminating in the 'race'. The women made the most of the occasion to create outrageous hats. Winner was Sue Hollow, R/up Chrissie Bing. Not to be outdone the men were looking groovy too. Bronte Smallacombe wore the most 'fancy hat ' and Graham Trenerry was uncontested as most 'dapper dandy.

Ladies Super Pairs - Ladies Toop Auto RAA Super Pairs was played on a nice day with strong breezes which grabbed the bowls despite the beautiful new glass balustrade now in place.

Twenty four teams participated, with good representation of South Coast clubs (Goolwa,Encounter Bay, Yankalilla, Myponga, Willunga), and this month winning teams were across clubs. 1st game winners were Victor Harbor's Ebba Ness/Avril Neill (27+15). 2nd game PEBC's Eileen Love/Willunga's Anne Merritt (27+6). Overall R/up Encounter Bay's Mary Jarvis/Jill Richards. Overall winners PEBC's Sandra Monk/Helen Edwards (54+18).

It was good to have all three Thursday Pennant divisions at home this week.

Div 1 was defeated by Goolwa 32-59. It was a tough match! Anthea Faull's team drew 14-14, scoring the side 1 point. Jan Lind's team was close 11-13. Div 2 also played Goolwa, winning 67-48. Two rinks were down, J.Cruise 17-26, L.Fox 16-20. Helen Edwards team's good score 34-12 carried the side to an overall win, earning 8 points.

Div 3 won their game vs Strathalbyn (40-31). Claire Trowbridge's team 28-9, Irene Hurren's team 12-22

Cold, blustery Saturday brought PEBC pennant teams 4 overall wins and just 1 loss. Div 1 made the wind their friend and achieved a pleasing outcome at home vs Goolwa, winning overall 66-46. 2 rinks up and a win earned 10 points. (J.Gamble 25-14, I.McLoud 26-13, I Carlile 15-19).

Div 2 had a very close away game vs Goolwa Black, winning overall (58-55 + 10 points & holding 3rd position). R. Wattison 20-17, C. Jones 22-20, H.Taylor 16-18.

Div 3 won away at Yankalilla by just 1 shot 59-58. Good wins by Elmore Schumacher 24-13/K.East's team 24-19, covered a loss by A.Faull's team, and 10 points were earned.

After a promising start Div 4 lost their home game v McLaren Vale Gold (57-60). Perhaps they didn't make the wind their friend! Ahead at afternoon tea the side struggled in second half. McLaren Gold found the pace and the pressure was on. Claire Trowbridge's team, in front until end 17, lost a 5, couldn't recover and went down 26-18. Joan Cruise's team also lost momentum in the closing minutes going down 13-21. Phil Beckett's team maintained concentration and score (26-13), winning the team 2 points.

Div 5.had a good win at McLaren Vale 64-59 thanks to Norm Taylor's team's 18 shot win which brought the side over the line. J. Roberts down 17- 25, and P. York down 19-23. Div 6.

A Skill Development and practice program is available Mondays 11am - 1pm (other than when major tournaments are held). For information -. 0414 666 030 / 0448 196 969.

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