Great Southern bowls reports

Port Elliot Bowling Club - The Men's Vice President's - Overall winner of the day was the Victor Harbor team Ian Sellars, John Koch, Bob May, Royce Munn.

Ladies Pennants - Div 1 were defeated in their away game v Victor Harbor. Two points were earned by Helen Taylor's team. Jan Lind's team down 14-19 and Anthea Faull's team down 16-28. The side sits 4th on the ladder.

Div 2 played a close game at home v Langhorne Creek, winning overall by 12 shots. Going into the last end two teams score hung in the balance - Lorraine Fox ahead by 1 shot. Joan Cruise level. Outcomes of both dependent on this last end.

Lorraine's last bowl unfortunately trailed the jack giving the Creek the end and that game was drawn 19-19 and 1 point each. Joan's team lost the last end and went down by one shot 18-19. Helen Edwards' team scored 25-12 and the overall game was won with 9 points earned.

Div 3 struggled at Yankalilla losing overall 59-23. Chris Brindal 16-27, Irene Hurren 7 - 37. No points this week. Saturday Pennant outcomes were a mixed bag. Three overall wins and three losses.

Div 1 played an away game v Clarendon and were defeated 64-51. Although the game was lost overall, two teams played close games. Chris Monk's team lost by one shot 20-21, Ian McLeod's team up by one shot 22-21 earning the side 2 points.

Div 2 at home played a winning game v McLaren Vale (67-54). With all 3 teams up 12 points were earned. (Roger Wattison 21-18, Chris Jones 20-15, Barry Trowbridge 26-21).

Div 3 away at Strathalbyn won their game (64-69) and earned 10 points with a win plus two draws. Anthea Faull + 5 shots (15-20), Kevin East 23-23, Elmore Schumacher 23-23.

Div 4 at Langhorne Creek went down 65-53. Two rinks did really well and earned the side 4 points. (J.Cruise 19-14, P. Beckett 22-14, C. Owen 37-12). Div 5 were defeated by Yankalilla 44-58. One rink up earned the side 2 points.

Div 6 played at home v Yankalilla achieving a good win with all rinks up and 12 points scored. (Alan York 22-14, Janice Patterson 22-16, Squizzy Taylor16-11).

A Skill Development and practice program is available Mondays 11am - 1pm. Two Junior Get Bowled Over sessions will be run in the school holidays at the Bowling Club on 16th/17th December 10am - 11.30am. Participants will learn the base skills of lawn bowls in a fun and energetic environment. For information phone Bowls SA 8234 7544 or locally 0414 666 030, email:

Don't forget Friday Night Teas 5.30pm - 7.30pm at the club. To learn more about bowling at Port Elliot Bowling Club Phone 8554 2317.

Encounter Bay Bowling Club - Bay 1000 bowlers winners of Div 1 were the 3 Amigos - Gary Elks, Mike Brew and Frank Bayley, 2nd were the Thunderbolts - Paul Sparre, Geoff Berg and Bob Siostrom. Winners of the losers were the Defibrillators - Greg Pearson, Ian Dix and Rod Jarvis.

Winners of Div 2 were Lucky Dip - Dion Millard, Rose Aldersley and Colin Sweeney, 2nd were The Three Hals - Merv Fisher and June and Alan Halstead. Winners of the losers were Bay Rocks - Geoff Wattson, Alan Yeardly and Phil Cochrane.

Men's Monthly Triples winners of the first game were Barry Clarke, Randall Rabone and Jack Wells and winners of the 2nd game were Max Davey, Ian Warner and Greg Davis.

Overall 2nd were Chris Price, Jan Bakker and Peter Redden and Overall 1st were L Basford, I Gamble and G Edwards.

Toop Motors Night Owls competition has The Lakers lead Div 1, but the order is changing for 2nd spot with Scotch on the Rocks now leading over Night on the Green. In Div 2 Whalers still lead, but the Incredibowls have come right up the table to now be 2nd. Div 3 has remained the same with Mechanic Owls leading and Moonlighters 2nd.

Thursday Ladies Pennants - Div 1 drew with Goolwa gaining 5 points on the premiership table 55-55. Div 1 are 2nd on the table. June Halstead's team played well. To make it a draw they had to win their last end - a nail biter indeed. Div 2 lost to Goolwa 49- 70 gaining 2 points due to Jean Jackson's team's win.

Thursday Social bowls - With 20 players only first prize was awarded. Winner Roger Watt, David Pearl.

History was made when Legendary member Charlie Norman bowled a wrong bias. There is hope for the rest of us.

Saturday Social Bowls numbers were low, but the winners, Peter Willson and Joan Mann had an impressive score of 34 plus 31. Saturday Open Gender Pennants were a mixed bag once again. Div 5 had a much needed great win as did Div 4, but Divs 1 and 2 didn't fare so well.

Div 1, sitting 7th on the premiership table, lost to Victor Harbor Blue. Andy Seymour's team had a win adding 2 pts to the table. Div 2 Blue playing away at Langhorne Creek lost. They are 6th on the table.

Div 2 Gold lost to Goolwa Black and are 9th. Games were still close with Heather Cochrane's team only 2 down. Div 4 had a good win over Yankallilla on their home green 70-53 gaining 12 pts. Darryl Keane's team scored 29-21. Div 4 are top of the table. Div 5 had a great win over Milang gaining 12 pts. Kevin Males team's score was impressive 35-10. They are now 2nd on the premiership table.

Leo Staak is now 2019 Men's 100 up winner having defeated Randall Rabone in a hard fought game. It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Lou Weikert on Wednesday, November 27. Lou was our oldest member - 101 years young. A Member for over 40 years.

Victor Harbor Bowling Club

Tuesday's mixed pairs Crack-the-Jack resulted in only one 3-game winner with Marie Cannon and John Koch taking the chocolates. With a number of draws, second place went to Ebba Ness and Fred Kelly.

Night Owls had 'OddBalls' come out to play taking out first place over 'McCracken Maulers'.

Thursday Ladies Pennant - Victor's Div 1 side is gaining momentum with a solid win over Port Elliot. The rinks of Shirley Koch and Sue Wilkins saw the team over the line by 8 shots and 10 points. Div 2 did not travel well to Aldinga Bay and had to be satisfied with 2 points. Div 3 were away to Clarendon and lost both rinks.

Super Triples on Thursday saw the team of Peter Ratcliffe, Derick Binstead and Mick Price winning the day. Second spot went to Ian Brown, Darryl Hammat and Chris Etherton just ahead of Leo Staak, Jahn Bakker and Barrey Niven. A big second game meant that WOL were Allan DesFontaines, Ray Fry and Peter Davis.

Saturday Pennant - Div 1 Blue were away to Encounter Bay and were satisfied with a 12 shot win courtesy of good wins to Peter O'Sullivan and Len Basford and a narrow 1 shot loss to Ernie Elf. Div 1 White travelled to Willunga and were in a winning position until the very last bowl resulting in a 2 shot loss. Lyn Thatcher had a narrow win, Nik Pippos a narrow loss and Dale Speck a draw.

Div 2 at home to Milang secured 12 points with big wins to all 3 rinks. Ray Fry's rink had a complete turn-around from the week before. Div 3 continue to get close, but again missed out despite a good win to Ian Sellars and a draw to Kevin Hoppo. Div 5 are settling into the top four with another win at home to Langhorne Creek. Craig Jacobs and Leith Davies had wins, but John Florance went down by 2 shots.

Friday night teas are going well with John Brown and Nik Pippos serving up three different curry dishes last Friday. Di Smith is doing a good job in setting up social bowls each Saturday, so if you are looking for a game, ring the club between 9 and 10 on Saturday morning.

Goolwa Bowling Club - Ladies Christmas Invitation Fours overall winners of the day were a team from Goolwa comprising A.Wood, R.Thomson, Kay Fuller and M.Williams. Runner up was a combined team from Goolwa/Victor Harbor of T.Ross, L.Trenorden, J.Todd and S. Nash.

Winners of the first game were a team from Victor Harbor of P.Brown, J.Hammat, A.Speed and S Weller. Winners of the second game was another Goolwa team of M.Sharplin, C.Sekulitch, R.Weller and L Hoskins.

The popular Triple 8's day attended by 34 teams from Port Elliot, Victor Harbor, Reynella, Spalding, Strathalbyn, Yankalilla and Goolwa. Winners were, on A Green: Vic Butvila and D. Fitzgerald, on B Green: A.Taylor and G.Cowling and on C Green: Bob Green and D. Krebekx.

Thursday Pennants - Div.1 managed to score 7 points. Div.2 10 points as did Div.3. Good performance from the Ladies.

Saturday OG pennants - Div.1 coming home from McLaren Vale with just 2 points. Div.2 Black hosted Encounter Bay Gold holding on to maximum points. Div.2 White travelled to Willunga coming home with just 4 points. Div.3 hosted Yankalilla holding on to 9 very valuable points. Div.4 hosted McLaren Vale Blue and did the club proud, picking up all 12 points. Div.6 Black home to Aldinga Bay Blue also maxing out with 12 points, as did Div.6 White.

Saturday Social (Open) day was a single entry day with the winning team being the pairing of John Blok and John Lowrey.