Troop Zero review: Misfits find strength together

FRIENDS UNITED: The Birdies of Troop Zero prepare for the jamboree and a place in history.
FRIENDS UNITED: The Birdies of Troop Zero prepare for the jamboree and a place in history.

Christmas Flint believes in the aliens of the universe and that they would like to be her friends.

Troop Zero puts Christmas (Mckenna Grace) centre stage and she does a fantastic job of expressing her belief through the sheer emotion on her face.

The excitement and sheer determination flies off the screen and makes you believe in her too.

Christmas doesn't meet aliens or go to space but her belief takes her on a journey where she finds new friends that follow her to the edge of the universe.

Nine-year-old Christmas lives in rural Georgia in 1977 with her widowed dad.

Before she died, her mum told her that if she ever got lonely to send her message into outer space.

She spends many nights staring at the stars until NASA's Golden Record initiative offers a prize that she can't resist.

The winners of The Birdie Scouts Jamboree will get to record a message that is launched into space.

Christmas is unfazed by the scale of her challenge; she isn't a Birdie Scout and the local troop are bullies who won't let her join.

And so she starts her own troop, Troop Zero, recruiting four fellow misfits (including her friend Joseph).

Viola Davis is the perfect mentor as the unwilling troop mother Rayleen.

Their first challenge is to earn a Birdie Scout badge and discover what they are actually good at.

They make it to the jamboree despite the best efforts of the local principal and opposition troop mother (Allison Janney) where they perform a unique dance inspired by a '70s icon.

The dance scene has echoes of Little Miss Sunshine but this movie moves to its own beat thanks to the warmth and the friendship of the five children.

Troop Zero adds a touch of magic to the underdog rises up story.

Christmas is the star of the show but the rest of the cast and the script create something special.

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