Community warned as Fleurieu woman loses thousands of dollars in phone scam

Community warned as Fleurieu woman loses thousands of dollars in phone scam

Local police have issued a warning to the community after a Fleurieu woman lost thousands of dollars in a gift card-related scam.

The Fleurieu woman was reportedly called by someone pretending to be from Telstra and needed to fix a virus on her computer.

As part of the 'fix', she was told to give the scammer access to her laptop, including internet banking. She was told to buy gift cards including Google Play cards, and passed on the codes, before being told to buy Bitcoin.

Police are using this incident as a reminder that telecommunications companies will not advise of a security breach via phone call and will never ask for payment through gift cards.

"Scammers can sound extremely convincing, but legitimate companies will not tell you to lie to anyone; they will not create crypto currency accounts or wallets in your name and expect you to lie about it to the crypto currency provider," a statement from police said.

'Never give your bank details, or transfer money, and never purchase gift cards for anyone requesting you to do so over the phone."

Hints to protect yourself from scammers:

  • Hang up when someone you don't know calls
  • Immediately delete emails from people you don't know, and from agencies or businesses that you didn't agree to receive emails from - and don't click links in those emails
  • Never send money online to someone you haven't met in person

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