Coronavirus crisis: Here's why rainbows are appearing in windows

Here's why rainbows are appearing in windows

It's a movement which had its orgins overseas, but there's no reason why it can't take hold here, too.

Exactly where it began, who knows, but as the coronavirus emergency deepens across the world, rainbows are helping families cope.

Reports suggest children in Spain and Italy, where the pandemic has taken a heartbreaking toll, started posting drawings of rainbows in their windows at home.

The motivation is to reinforce with kdis that the pandemic won't last forever and that everything will be OK.

Facebook groups have popped up in the UK and other social media platforms are following suit, too.

It's as simple as drawing a rainbow on paper with your kids, taping it on the window facing the street. Or, if you're bold enough, use washable paint to make a burst of color directly on the glass.