Great Southern tennis held its junior grand finals on Saturday at Victor Harbor and Back Valley

DIV ONE PREMIERS: Victor Harbor's Mackenzie Lambell, Jaimee Millard, Ben Seidel, Hugo Smit and Rainy Jiang were victorious against Normanville Red.
DIV ONE PREMIERS: Victor Harbor's Mackenzie Lambell, Jaimee Millard, Ben Seidel, Hugo Smit and Rainy Jiang were victorious against Normanville Red.

With the permission of Tennis SA, the Great Southern Tennis Association was able to complete its 2019/20 season by holding its five junior division grand finals.

The grand finals were held at Victor Harbor (divisions 2,4 and 5) and Back Valley (divisions 1 and 3).

In Division 1, Victor Harbor secured the premiership with a nail biting single game win over Normanville Red.

Victor went out to a two love lead after the doubles, including a tough tiebreak win by Hugo Schmit and Mackenzie Lambell over Blake Rodrigues and Tyson Graves and when Victor's top player Benny Seidel, only weeks back after having his cast removed, scored a strong singles win, it was looking like Victor would win comfortably.

However, Normanville fought back with wins to Blake Rodrigues, Tyson Graves and Kenny Lewis-Baida to level the sets, but Victor had the one extra game needed to be declared the winners.

Junior Tennis Gets It Done

Great Southern Tennis played out their grand final deciders in ideal weather with some thrilling results mixed with dominate displays.

Division Three Victor Harbor were too strong for Mt Compass winning five sets to one at Back Valley. Victor were well in control of the contest with all contributing to the win. Thomas Johnson and Beau Ewens were standouts for Victor while for Mt Compass Darcy Boots was their lone winner in a competitive effort.

Division Four Normanville Red dominated Mt Compass clean sweeping all six sets. It was a supreme effort from Normanville who were never troubled in the contest. Banjo Baxter and Sienna Rodrigues had strong wins for Normanville while Mt Compass's Oscar Kacirek and Joe McHugh tried hard in their singles.

Division Two - Normanville Red hung on for a thrilling three game win against Myponga-Sellicks.

Despite level on sets after the doubles it was Normanville who had a two game advantage thanks to a fighting effort from Chloe Krichauff and Rachel Graves losing a tiebreak to Amber Ellis and Casey Clarke.

Amber backed it up with a fine singles win and with Rylan Bell scoring a strong singles win Myponga-Sellicks were a strong chance to win, but Normanville's Anika Wollaston prevailed in a thrilling tiebreak against Sam Hrstich and it was enough to see Normanville Red secure the premiership.

Division Five Pt Elliot and Normanville Red was the match of the day with both sides being unable to be separated after their six sets with a score line of three sets and twenty six games each.

Strong singles wins to Cecilia Kilkenny Jones, Ebony Beacham for Normanville and Jasmyn Evans and Grace Overall for Pt Elliot meant the score still couldn't be separated after they were checked and double checked resulting in a draw.

The teams then played two stand alone tiebreak doubles with Pt Elliot's Jasmyn Evans and Zac Tozer winning over Normanville's Kayleigh Howes and Ebony Beacham while Normanville's Cecilia Kilkenny and Ava Dauk defeating Pt Elliot's Ryder Grooby and Grace Overall.

With the tiebreak score being one all the individual points score of the tiebreaks then determined the winner with Pt Elliot coming out in front twelve points to nine to be declared premiers of division five.

Plaudits for the clubs and their respective teams making the grand final. A special mention must be made of the Normanville Tennis Junior Tennis Club. Having a team in four out of the five grand finals is a fantastic achievement and to win two premierships is the icing on a great season for the club.

They've had plenty teams for several seasons now and the parents, players, managers, coaches and coordinators should be proud of their efforts for culmination of a successful junior program.

With tennis completed for season 2019-20 the future for competition tennis is uncertain in the current world situation.

Where we find ourselves come late September this year, the time tennis starts to organise itself for the coming season is difficult to predict but while many people may argue otherwise, if the Ball Boy is writing articles come late October that can only be a positive thing for all local tennis participants and society in general. Until then...

Grand Final results - Division 1: Normanville Red 3 - 27 def by Victor Harbor 3 - 28. Bayley Clayton/Keni Lewis Baida defeated by Benjamin Seidel/Jaimee Millard 1-6, Blake Rodrigues/Tyson Graves defeated by Hugo Smit/Mackenzie Lambell 6-7, Bayley Clayton defeated by Benjamin Seidel 1-6, Blake Rodrigues defeated Hugo Smit 6-1, Keni Lewis Baida defeated Jaimee Millard 7-6, Tyson Graves defeated Rainy Jiang 6-2.

Division 2: Normanville Red 3 - 33 defeated Myponga-Sellicks 3 - 30.

Nikolas Tyllis/Anika Wollaston defeated Rylan Bell/Cody Heinze 6-3, Chloe Krichauff/Rachel Graves defeated by Amber Ellis/Casey Clarke 6-7, Nikolas Tyllis defeated by Rylan Bell 4-6, Anika Wollaston defeated Sam Hrstich 7-6, Chloe Krichauff defeated Abby Stock 6-2, Rachel Graves defeated by Amber Ellis 4-6.

Division 3: Victor Harbor 5 - 32 defeated Mount Compass 1 - 13.

Tyla Millard/Corey Millard defeated Darcy Boots/Jordyn Dugmore 6-2, Thomas Johnson/Beau Ewens defeated Kiahni Russell/Ebony McHugh 6-0, Tyla Millard defeated by Darcy Boots 2-6, Thomas Johnson defeated Jordyn Dugmore 6-3, Beau Ewens defeated Kiahni Russell 6-1, Ryan Johnson defeated Ebony McHugh 6-1.

Division 4: Normanville Red 6 - 36 defeated Mount Compass 0 - 11.

Ella Watters/Sienna Rodrigues defeated Oscar Kacirek/Charlie Kacirek 6-2, Alex Munro/Emmy Howlett defeated Tom McHugh/Joe McHugh 6-1, Ella Watters defeated Oscar Kacirek 6-3, Banjo Baxter defeated Charlie Kacirek 6-1, Sienna Rodrigues defeated Tom McHugh 6-1, Alex Munro defeated Joe McHugh 6-3.

Division 5: Normanville Red 3 - 26 defeated by Port Elliot 3 - 26 in tiebreak.

Kaylee Howes/Ebony Beacham defeated by Jasmyn Evans/Zachery Tozer 3-6, Cecilia Kilkenny Jones/Ava Dauk defeated Ryder Grooby/Grace Overall 6-3, Kaylee Howes defeated by Jasmyn Evans 2-6, Ebony Beacham defeated Zachery Tozer 6-4, Cecilia Kilkenny Jones defeated Ryder Grooby 6-1, Tyson Howes defeated by Grace Overall 3-6.

Match tied at 3/26 to 3/26. Tiebreakers were played as per bylaw 12.5. Tiebreak scores - Normanville Kayleigh/Ebony defeated by Port Elliot Jasmyn/Zac 2-7, NormanvilLe Cecelia/Ava defeated Port Elliot Ryder/Grace 7-5. Normanville 9 points defeated by Port Elliot 12 points.