Update to speed limit signage around Yankalilla

DPTI's new speed zoning plan.
DPTI's new speed zoning plan.

Signage relating to speed limits, corners and crests will be updated around a section of Yankalilla through a speed zoning plan.

The plan was created by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and covers Jervois Road, Willson Drive, Martin Road, Bower Road, and Aldridge Avenue.

According to a report presented to elected members by council infrastructure manager Peter Fowler, the existing 50km/h sign on Jervois Road, near the Willson Drive intersection, will be removed as the "adjacent roadside environment does not meet the requirements for the installation of a 50km/h zone".

Elected members of the District Council of Yankalilla endorsed the plan at the March 17 council meeting and informed DPTI of its decision.