Felt, glass exhibits star as Victor Harbor Regional Art Gallery reopens

Felting creations artist Jeanette Russel with some of her work. Photo: Supplied.
Felting creations artist Jeanette Russel with some of her work. Photo: Supplied.

Felt and glass works have become part of the displays at the Victor Harbor Regional Art Gallery in time for its post-coronavirus reopening.

Two new craftspeople have joined the fold to bring these works to the gallery, adding to its diversity.

Jeanette Russel and Kate Shierlaw are showing individual expressions of art with their pieces as part of the gallery's co-operative.

Felt is Jeanette's passion, and she uses wool combined with other natural fibres to create sculptural garments described as "light but warm, textured but strong".

She said making felt was "very therapeutic" and found it rewarding to create fabric and then garments with a soft fuzziness.

Kate creates works of art out of glass, using her kiln to fuse, slump, and carve the glass and manipulating its colour, texture and shape.

Some pieces are reworked with polishing, grinding and sandblasting.

Her glass pieces celebrate the colours and patterns of the landscapes of the south coast.

Along with the felt and glass works, other smaller art pieces, carved timber, prints, rocks, and cards created by other artists in the co-operative will be on display and available for purchase.

The gallery also has a service to sell quality artworks from residents who are downsizing.

Art can be left at the gallery at $20 a piece per month, and if sold, a 40 per cent commission will be reserved. Proceeds go towards the gallery's operation.

The Regional Art Gallery is open 11am to 3pm every day during winter months at 7A Railway Terrace.