Updated kerbside collection calendar and schedule launched

Waste collection: FRWA Executive Officer Simon Grenfell says newly released material will further inform the community on recycling practices.

Waste collection: FRWA Executive Officer Simon Grenfell says newly released material will further inform the community on recycling practices.

An updated kerbside waste collection calendar, complete with new recycling advice and guidelines has been released by the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority (FRWA).

The new single-page calendar was sent out to residents last week, with an updated waste collection schedule to come into effect from July 2020. The calendar will remain relevant until July 2021.

As part of the new schedule, changes have been made to the 'rural areas' of the Alexandrina district and the City of Victor Harbor.

In Alexandrina, the rural area which encompasses Langhorne Creek, Milang, Clayton Bay and Finniss will combine with its adjacent collection area and cycle.

Likewise, the rural area encompassing Hindmarsh Valley and Spring Valley will combine with its adjacent rural collection area and cycle.

FRWA Executive Officer Simon Grenfell said the organisation had taken a "practice what we preach approach" to reducing the amount of unnecessary print based materials bring produced, by keeping the new calendar to a single page.

The reverse of the calendar features important 'Which Bin' material, reminding residents of exactly what items are recyclable or compostable.

"Contamination of recycling and green organics bins is one of the biggest cost issues we have to deal with, so FRWA have partnered with the state government and are utilising the 'Which Bin' education material," Mr Grenfell said.

"If you are unsure 'Which Bin' your waste goes in, use the new calendars or the Which Bin website."

By keeping the new calendar to a single page, FRWA was able to reduce printing and distribution costs, with the calendar also being available in an enlarged format on the FRWA website.

Mr Grenfell said FRWA welcomed any feedback on their updated services and calendars.

"FRWA want to educate and assist the community in recycling and diverting waste from landfill. If you have a waste issue let us know," Mr Grenfell said.

As part of FRWA's commitment to the Which Bin program, the organisation has also partnered with Green Industries SA to produce a range of bin and kitchen caddy stickers to assist the community with waste education and to ensure that the right materials go in the right bins.

These stickers can be picked up from council offices and local waste and recycling depots.

Education efforts across the southern Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island have so far proved especially successful, with 58 per cent of all kerbside waste currently being recycled.

This is the highest waste diversion rate in South Australia, with the region having reduced its kerbside waste to landfill by 31 per cent over the last five years.

While being a massive win for the environment, this effort has also reduced the amount the community pays to the state government via the Solid Waste Levy.

FRWA are currently investigating a range of new programs and have plans to introduce a range of new flexible fee for service kerbside collection options for small businesses and holiday rental businesses later this year.